WWE Raw: 5 Huge Moments from This Week's Show

Sean O'Neil@snoneilSenior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2012

WWE Raw: 5 Huge Moments from This Week's Show

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    WWE's Monday Night Raw this week was one of the better episodes of the past couple months. There were several big moments which could all have a significant impact to the WWE in the weeks to come.

    Whether it was a pipe bomb or a whole lot of funk, here are the five huge moments from this week's Raw SuperShow which really stuck out in my mind.

The End of Air Boom

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    Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne won the Tag Team Championships and became Air Boom. They were supposed to be the answer to the ailing tag-team division of the WWE.

    So much for that plan.

    Air Boom lost their Championship to Epico and Primo at a live event that wasn't even televised and then lost their rematch on RAW this week. Talk about a slap in the face to our former champions.

    Now, it has surfaced that Evan Bourne has been suspended for the second time in the past few months and will be gone for the next 60 days. This could very well be the end of the career for Bourne in the WWE. 

    The tag team of Air Boom is definitely finished. I just hope that Kofi isn't punished for this as well. Kofi's a great wrestler and deserves more than to be hurt by Bourne's stupidity. Kingston deserves to have a great 2012.

The Funk Is Back

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    I have never been more shocked watching an episode of Raw than when Brodus Clay made his re-debut last Monday. The "Funkasouras" seemed so incredibly ridiculous, and it looked like the WWE had turned Clay into a joke.

    Then, this week's edition of RAW happened, and the funky monster dancer actually seemed over with the crowd. There were Funk signs everywhere, and somehow, this funky dancing gimmick actually seems to be working.

    I don't know whether the WWE was punishing Clay with the planet funk gimmick or if they had this planned for Brodus all along, but this new and very different act could be a successful one.

    Only time will tell.

The Rage of John Cena

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    My favorite moment of this week's show came when John Cena absolutely lost it on Jack Swagger. 

    Finally, finally, Cena not only showed the rage built up within him, but he actually acted out on it. We briefly saw the rage about a month ago in Piper's Pit, but it wasn't until now that Cena actually embraced the hate.

    And it was so refreshing.

    For years, people have been waiting for a heel turn or any kind of character change in Cena, and this Monday may have been the true starting point. 

    If the WWE can continue this character development of Cena leading up to the Royal Rumble and past that into Wrestlemania and beyond, Cena's future feuds and storylines have the potential to be truly great.

Jericho Plays the Crowd Yet Again

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    For the third straight week, Chris Jericho played the Raw crowd.

    Jericho came out in his flashing coat and ran around the ring clapping fans' hands yet again. When he got tagged into his first match in a year and a half, he went wild in the ring. He pumped up the crowd and got everyone ready for the moves that we have been deprived of for so long.

    Then he left.

    Jericho managed to anger the crowd yet again as he left with a smile on his face despite the boos of the fans. There are still so many answers that have yet to be answered about Jericho's return, but for now, it's OK that we don't know.

    Everything Jericho does has a good reason, and when he does choose to act, it's going to be great.

CM Punk and Johnny Ace Own the Microphone

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    CM Punk hasn't had any great pipe bombs on Raw recently, and that's really too bad, because it was his great promo work which had everyone falling in love with him last summer.

    On Monday, we witnessed the Punk's best pipe bomb in months. He absolutely killed it on the mic.

    Punk shot down Lauranitis, ripping into him with pure anger and fury. The promo was flawlessly done, and the crowd was absolutely loving it.

    But then, the unexpected happened. John Lauranitis cut a really good promo where we saw a side of him that we hadn't seen before.

    Johnny Ace lashed out in pure frustration of being bullied and pushed around on his show. Then he did the most heel action he could by slamming the microphone on Mick Foley's forehead.

    Lauranitis and Punk finished the show perfectly, plain and simple. Who knows where this will lead, whether Lauranitis does screw Punk at the Rumble or Punk manages to piss off the interim GM even more, but this feud is really heating up, and it has the potential to be something special.