Rating Every Major Match and Segment from Monday Night RAW

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2012

Rating Every Major Match and Segment from Monday Night RAW

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    Last night, we were treated a very entertaining episode of Monday Night Raw. This edition was once again a Supershow, featuring top stars from Raw and SmackDown.

    Not only were the matches relatively well booked, but the promos felt strong as well. Here, I will take a look at each segment from this week and apply a rating accordingly.

1. The Opening Segment

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    Last night's opening segment couldn't have run much better. We got to see Mick Foley open the show!

    Foley announced that he would like to compete in the 30-man Royal Rumble match, and out comes Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Is it just me, or are these two getting better and better?

    Ziggler immediately dug into Foley and cut a very good promo. Next out was our WWE Champion. CM Punk came to Foley's aid, stating that the two are a lot alike (which they really aren't when you think about it).

    Dolph said Foley and Punk both were dressed like homeless people, but since when do homeless people wear CM Punk shirts? CM Punk called Vickie Guerrero a poor excuse for a woman, which the crowd loved of course (props to Vickie for being such a good sport).

    Johnny Ace came out and announced that he has decided Mick Foley will not compete in the Royal Rumble match. The crowd doesn't like this. The segment ends with Vickie Guerrero laughing in Foley's face.  It was a solid opening segment.

    Rating: 6.5/10

2. Epico and Primo vs. Air Boom for the WWE Tag Team Championship

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    As far as WWE tag team matches go these days, this was one of the good ones.

    We now know that Air Boom was stripped of the titles due to Evan Bourne's 60-day suspension, but Epico and Primo were still impressive.

    This match could have gone on for longer, but it ended nicely with Primo pinning Bourne after a pretty looking backstabber.

    Rating: 5.5/10

3. Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger for the United States Championship

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    With two of my favorites competing for a title, this match really couldn't go wrong for me. Yet somehow it did.

    Maybe it started with Zack Ryder's cheesy painful faces throughout his walk to the ring or Michael Cole on commentary, but this match never took off. Granted, Ryder was "injured."

    Swagger squashed Ryder in this match and became the new United States Champion. Good for Jack, bad for Zack.

    Rating: 6/10

4. Kelly Kelly with Alicia Fox vs. Brie Bella with Nikki Bella

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    Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed Perez Hilton on Monday Night Raw (barely...but I did). Brie Bella squared off against Kelly Kelly, with Alica Fox and Nikki Bella in their respective corners.

    As the Bella Twins were going for Twin-magic, Perez Hilton (who was suddenly all about justice and doing the right thing) grabbed Brie, preventing her them from doing their switch. Kelly then went for the roll-up and got the pin.

    Rating: 5/10

5. R-Truth and Wade Barrett

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    When did R-Truth become a bright spot on Monday Night Raw? I don't know, but last night he certainly was. Who knew Truth was so talented on the mic? I guess Wade Barrett knows after last night.

    Truth cut one of his typical odd promos, capped off by showing us a slideshow of him with multiple Disneyland characters, which was very funny.

    Barrett was getting frustrated, and then out came Miz to beat down R-Truth with Barrett. The two were about to deliver the beating when the Great White Sheamus came to the aid of R-Truth, setting up an impromptu Four-Man Battle Royal.

    Good work by R-Truth for making this a very funny segment.

    Rating: 7/10

6. R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus vs. Miz in a Battle Royal

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    Though the match wasn't quite as good as the segment before it, it still provided us with some solid entertainment and delivered a surprise ending as well.

    R-Truth eliminated Sheamus to win the match, going with the "anyone can win" theme of the Royal Rumble (even though we all know this isn't true).

    R-Truth should enjoy this celebration, because unfortunately he probably won't be celebrating at the actual rumble. An average segment, but they can't all be gold, so I'll let it slide.

    Rating: 6/10 

7. Jack Swagger vs. John Cena

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    Were we seeing the seeds planted for the John Cena heel turn? I thought so, until Kane interrupted.

    Vince McMahon is a smart man. He knows what we want, and he will keep teasing but never give it to us for as long as he is running the company. Cena was angry that JL allowed Zack Ryder to compete in the title match, and as a result JL gave him the match against the man who took the title from Ryder.

    WWE did a great job of burying their new champion here, but that is just about the only thing they did a great job of. The segment would have been a stronger if they had let Cena finish his beat down to Swagger, but of course they wouldn't let that happen.

    Keep teasing Vince, keep teasing.

    Rating: 5/10

8. "Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay vs. JTG

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    Man have I been loving Brodus Clay these last few weeks!

    What a different way to approach a potential monster heel. Once we saw who our funky friend was facing, there was really no question as to what the outcome of the match would be (not that there really was anyway).

    Clay dominated the match as he's been doing, and made me laugh doing so. How can you not laugh at Brodus shaking his hips and waving his arms?

    I don't know how long it will take before I'm sick of hearing "somebody call my mama," but for now I love it. 

    Rating: 6.5/10

9. Six-Man Tag Match Main Event

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    Once Chris Jericho was announced for this match, I knew I would love it. And I did.

    Daniel Bryan continued his heel turn before the match and the boos were getting louder and louder. The match began as expected, with solid moves from above-average superstars.

    We were all waiting to see what Y2J would do when he got in, and the rest of the match didn't really matter. Once Jericho was tagged in, he soaked in the audience, did a few laps around the ring, then proceeded to tag in Bryan and leave the ring.

    Something about this week's charade really got me laughing; Jericho is just getting better and better. Jericho put on a scheming smile as he walked down the ramp. Earlier in this match, Bryan botched a move, and seemed to have hurt his knee in the process.

    Bryan and Henry began battling it out, and eventually took it backstage, leaving CM Punk to face Ziggler and Otunga. Suddenly, out came Mick Foley, telling the referee that JL is allowing him to assist Punk in the match.

    The ref allows it, and Foley proceeds to win the match after hitting Otunga with Mr. Socko and the Mandible Claw move.

    Overall, a solid match, with some exciting development expected for next week.

    Rating: 7.5/10

10. CM Punk Drops Another Pipe Bomb

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    After a while without cutting one of his famous promos, CM Punk reminded us why we love him so much last night.

    His feud with JL continued, as he worked to push JL before he officiated his title match versus Ziggler at the Royal Rumble. Why he would want to do this, I don't know.

    JL stayed cool until Punk left the ring. Then we saw something fresh. JL would continue on with Foley, admitting that he planned to screw Punk over during the title match.

    JL then hit Foley with the microphone, unleashing a side we had never seen before. Great ending!

    Rating: 8/10