Evan Bourne Suspended for Second Wellness Policy Violation

Ryan SzAnalyst IIJanuary 17, 2012

In what may be a not so shocking turn, Evan Bourne has been suspended again for violating the WWE's wellness policy.

As announced on the corporate website of the WWE:

STAMFORD, Conn., January 17, 2012 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE (NYSE:WWE) has suspended Matthew Korklan (Evan Bourne®) for 60 days effective Tuesday, January 17 for his second violation of the company’s policy.

This doesn't bode well for the young star as the WWE has been known to have an unofficial three strikes rule when it comes to violating the policy. After his first violation, many fans thought that Airboom would lose the Tag Titles almost immediately, but they held onto them until recently when they lost to Epico and Primo at a house show.

Hopefully Bourne can come to terms with not being able to come to terms with not taking any banned substances or he may soon enough find himself out of a job.