10 NBA Teams That Are Embarrassing Themselves

Matt ShetlerCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2012

10 NBA Teams That Are Embarrassing Themselves

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    We are close to a quarter of the way into the NBA's condensed 2012 season, and several teams are off to outstanding starts to the season.

    On the other hand, some teams have been downright miserable to start the campaign.

    Here's a look at 10 teams that have been flat-out embarrassing to start the season.

Washington Wizards

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    The Wizards are an NBA-worst 1-12 to start the season and can't do a thing right except make hot dog passes off the backboard to themselves while they're losing yet another game.

    Save the fancy stuff for when you win a couple; until then, it looks selfish.

    The Wizards rank close to the bottom of the NBA is almost every statistical category, and they don't appear to be close to getting things turned around.

New Jersey Nets

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    The Nets were hoping to start to turn the corner with Deron Williams for a full season, but it hasn't quite worked out that way.

    Brook Lopez is hurt. Dwight Howard is still in Orlando.

    Add that up, and New Jersey is off to a 3-11 start to the season.

    Williams is clearly frustrated with the lack of weapons around him, and this season has the potential to get very ugly.

New York Knicks

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    No way this Knicks team should be this bad, and after starting the season 6-7, the only word that truly sums up their start is embarrassing.

    No guard play. No continuity on offense. Lack of commitment to defense.

    Add all that up, and you get a severely underachieving Knicks team.

    Head coach Mike D'Antoni's seat should be boiling hot by now.

Boston Celtics

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    Speaking of a severely underachieving team, that brings us to the 4-8 Boston Celtics, who have struggled in every sense of the word.

    They're getting old, and they are very thin up front.

    Doc Rivers is searching for answers, but they might not be there.

Toronto Raptors

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    Despite a fantastic individual effort to start the season from Andrea Bargnani, this Raptors team isn't any good.

    What makes Toronto embarrassing is the utter lack of offense. As a team, Toronto is averaging only 86 points per game, good for 29th in the NBA.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    The Michael Jordan-run Bobcats continue to dwell at the bottom of the NBA, and their 3-11 beginning to the season is beyond embarrassing.

    The main reason, though, is that their team defense is awful, allowing an NBA-worst 102.1 points per game.

Sacramento Kings

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    If DeMarcus Cousins getting Paul Westphal fired wasn't embarrassing enough, the play of the Kings on the court will do the trick.

    They have some good young talent and probably should be a bit better than 4-10.

    They are lousy defensively and not much better with the ball in their hands.

Detroit Pistons

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    The Pistons are another team that should be a little better than they are.

    At 3-10, even with a budding star in the middle in Greg Monroe, the Pistons are the NBA's worst rebounding team, pulling down only 37.6 boards a night.

    They also are the worst offensive team in the league, scoring only 85.4 points a night.

Phoenix Suns

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    Even with Steve Nash still in a Suns uniform, this Suns team isn't very good.

    They have some talent around the court to be better, but Alvin Gentry's team doesn't rebound or play defense very well.

Golden State Warriors

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    Mark Jackson's squad has a decent excuse since Stephen Curry has been out of the lineup, but the Hack-a-Howard strategy earns them a spot on this list.