Gallardo Out 4 Weeks

Jason Sarney Correspondent IFebruary 18, 2008

According to a TMJ Milwaukee, pitching phenom Yovanni Gallardo is expected to miss 4 weeks with a torn lateral meniscus.

What does that mean to you?

Non-Keeper Leagues

If your draft is coming up in the next few weeks, Gallardo must be bumped down several rounds. In missing four weeks, he will essentially miss all of or most of spring training. In turn, he will either return four weeks from now and likely start slowly in April as he strengthens his arm and knee. Or, the injury could take longer to heal and he could miss more time. It is very risky to draft an injured pitcher regardless of how much upside he may have.

Keeper Leagues

If you are considering keeping Gallardo, regardless of your format, I wouldn't change your mind based on this injury. Keeper leagues present more of a long-term outlook on the players you hold onto from year to year. While there is a strong chance Gallardo gets off to a slow start in 2008, there is an even stronger chance that he helps your team and gives you numbers you were expecting prior to the torn meniscus.

Chris over at the Disabled List has some added insight into the Yovanni Gallardo situation and how it may effect your team.