Christian Cage Update: Let The Speculation Begin

Nick HaynesCorrespondent INovember 27, 2016

While this is no confirmation that Christian Cage will indeed be making a return to WWE, I invite all readers to make a trip over to TNA's roster.

Such a trip and a good glance over the wrestlers listed will return one glaring deficiency that has not been present since around Nov. 2005—namely, that a wrestler by the name of Christian Cage is not present on the list.

There could be good reason for this.  They could be jerking our chain to work us for a storyline in the future.  Maybe there's a programming glitch in the site.  Maybe the tech guys simply don't like the Instant Classic.  More than likely, though, this little minor thing should serve as proof, at least for the time being, Jay Reso (his real name) is no longer under contract to TNA.

And I, for one, am glad.  Let the countdown begin.