What if the 2008-2009 College Football Season Had a Playoff?

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What if the 2008-2009 College Football Season Had a Playoff?

There is really no true way to crown a college football champion.

Do you give it to the team with the best record? The best stats? Toughest schedule?

The answer to all of these questions is simply NO!

Now, every true college football fan knows how the BCS system work—if you ask me and the majority of the United States about it, we would all say it's pathetic. 

You're telling me that averaging out six different computer rankings, SOS (strength of schedule), and an AP poll plus coaches' poll is really going to decide who is best?

Now, that really upsets me!

Some people find it funny or interesting to talk about, but it's absolutely not a joking matter at all.  We're talking about national championships here people! 

Championships can change programs around and can change the face of college football.

Who knows if the BCS truly crowned the best team over the past few years?

For all we know, the best team in the country could have been a team that was not even in the national championship game.

Put yourself in the minds of the players and coaches on every team.  No one wants to get ripped off, especially if you stack up just as good as the team in the title game.

Now, I could go on and on arguing about the BCS system, but most of you know straight up it's just ridiculous.  Now, I will explain what I personally thought would have happened this season if we did have a playoff.

First off, there would be 16 teams playing in the tournament. Here is a little taste of what would happen in the first round.  The team in bold is the team that I believe would win after each section of the playoffs. I will give an analysis as to why that team would win.


1. Oklahoma vs. 16. Oregon.    2. Florida  vs. 15. Virginia Tech

3. Texas  vs.    14. Georgia      4.  Alabama  vs.   13. Georgia Tech

5.  USC  vs.  12. Cincinnati       6. Penn State  vs.  11. T.C.U.

7.  Utah vs.  10. Ohio State      8. Texas Tech  vs.  9. Boise State


Not too many surprises here in round one. Except for...yes, you're reading it right, TCU wins over Penn State.

TCU's defense is currently ranked second in the country—behind the mighty Trojans from USC.  Penn State's offense is really good, but come on, let's be real—they play in the Big Ten conference, which equals slow.  TCU would force problems for the Nittany Lions and shock them in the first round.

Also, what team can really get motivated in a playoff game when the head coach is not  on the field yelling at his team or encouraging them? 

Joe Paterno would be coaching from the booth. His intensity not being on the field would not get his team motivated for a come from behind win. 

TCU would take this one in my opinion 31-24.

Off to round two! (The Elite Eight!)

1. Oklahoma vs.  8. Texas Tech     2. Florida   vs.   7. Utah

3. Texas   vs.   11. TCU                4.  Alabama vs.  5.  USC


This is starting to look like fun! Look at these matchups!

Big 12 rematch with OU—Tech, Florida vs. high powered offensive and undefeated Utah, an in-state game with Texas vs. TCU, and a classic powerhouse game of Alabama vs. USC!

Oklahoma would beat Tech for the second time this season, Florida would be too wild and tough for Utah, Texas will step up and try to prove their point to be in the title game by destroying TCU, and the only slight upset I have is USC over Bama. 

Bama is just not quite there yet, and everyone knows how good Pete Carroll is with big games.  Oh, and one other thing—it helps when USC's defense is probably the best ever!





USC's defense would be something, not even close to what Oklahoma has seen this year.  Now OU's offense is strong, but Brian Cushing, Rey, and Taylor Mays would lay the hits in this game.  A nice 2005 Orange Bowl title rematch too. 

I like Pete Carroll and USC by two touchdowns in this one, 35-21. Trojans continue to 'FIGHT ON."


FLORIDA wins this game because of the passion, confidence, poise, and leadership of Tim Tebow.  Florida's back seven on defense are the toughest Texas will have faced all year. Texas won't be able to stop the pass and rushing attack from the Gators.

FLORIDA wins 42-31.




USC has more to prove—Pac-10 getting minimal recognition all year, their heartbreaking loss to Oregon State, past times when they have been left out of the championship game, and much more.

USC's defense does not stop the Gators but definitely slows them down! 

USC's offense had some extra time because of these playoff games to get on the right page too. Steve Sarkisian has flawless play calling, and Carroll outcoaches his opponent once again in a big game. 

USC wins 34-30.

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