WWE Royal Rumble 2011: Announcing Bleacher Report's B/Rumble Pool!

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2012

The Royal Rumble takes place in 12 days, which will mark the 25th edition of the event in WWE history. The event is most well-known for the match that shares its name. The Royal Rumble match is an over-the-top rope battle royal, usually including 30 men. To mark the annual tradition, fans partake in what has turned into a tradition in itself: Royal Rumble pools.

Just like what Super Bowl squares have done to watching NFL's championship game, the Royal Rumble pool helps take an exciting event and make it even more intriguing for fans. While Super Bowl boxes predict the final score of the game, Royal Rumble pools predict what number the winning entrant will enter the match at.

This year, I will be conducting my very own Royal Rumble pool and the invitation is extended to every one of you on Bleacher Report. This is the B/Rumble Pool. Those who follow me on Twitter have already been treated to an exclusive pre-entry period, but the rest of the public is now available to enter the contest.

Some pools charge a fee to enter, but this contest is absolutely free to join. While other pools may simply pick numbers randomly for the participants, this contest allows those participating to pick their own numbers.

The following numbers were already selected prior to the publication of this article: 15, 17, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30. Any number not listed there is eligible to be selected. Doing the contest this way may deter certain people from entering entirely, but history has shown us that earlier entries can actually be winners sometimes. In fact, 8 of the 24 previous Rumble winners entered within the first 13 entries. Half of those instances had the winner enter as one of the first two people.

Also, did I mention that there is a prize on the line as well? I won't go into the specifics of it, but rest assured that it is a pretty good prize, especially for a contest that is free to enter.

All that you need to do to enter is send a mention to me on Twitter. The link to my account is listed by the button at the end of the article. Following me is not required, but encouraged to keep up with the events of the contest. The Twitter communication will also be the way for me to contact the winner for their prize. Again, Twitter is the only way to enter this contest, so any comments attempting to enter will go unnoticed.

Good luck to all who are entering and thank you for participating in the B/Rumble Pool!