Katy Perry and Tim Tebow? Prepare for More Tebow Talk If It Ever Happens

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IJanuary 16, 2012

It has been reported that Katy Perry's parents, who are evangelical ministers, want to set their daughter up with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

It is yet to be determined if Tebow will take the bait and attend her parents' church, but can you imagine if he did?

Imagine a world where Tim Tebow and Katy Perry were together.

Wouldn't that put the Tebow-haters in a frenzy.

So many people have hatred towards Tebow already. What would people say when he walks around town with Katy Perry hanging on his arm.

Or how about next season when CBS shows Katy Perry in a luxury box at Mile High cheering every Tebow play.

It would be like Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson all over again! Is the NFL ready for that again? 

What would Tebow-lovers say?

He lives such a pure life, would they see him differently now? It would certainly be shocking to get used to Tim Tebow paparazzi pictures plastered on magazines in the checkout line. 

If Tebow does get involved with Katy Perry, then good for him. I think it would cause never-ending media madness, but he should be able to do whatever he chooses.

Although I am a fan of Tebow, I already have to dodge sports television and radio to avoid continuous Tebow Talk. Unfortunately for Tebow, it would only add fuel to the fire.

He should be able to live any life he chooses and it should be no concern to anyone else. Whenever he is confirmed to be in a relationship, no matter who it is with, it will be public information anyway.

Anything related to Tim Tebow is news right now. I will be interesting to see if it continues next season. 

So why not meet Katy Perry? You never know, Tebow might end up living the Teenage Dream.