WWE Raw: Just How Long Can Chris Jericho Drag Out Not Speaking?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 16, 2012

Image Courtesy of: wrestlingvalley.org
Image Courtesy of: wrestlingvalley.org

Chris Jericho burst back into the WWE three weeks ago. A six time World Champion and a nine time Intercontinental champion, Jericho is a familiar face in the wrestling world.

He is far and away one of the greatest the business has ever seen. His in ring ability and mic work are simply undeniable. So when he arrived once again in the WWE, many expected him to continue to use his natural abilities to his advantage both in the ring and on the mic.

Instead, when the lights came back up and Jericho headed down that ramp, he never said a word into that microphone. He partied and screamed at the crowd. He pumped them up as much as he could, and then...he left.

The following week, we witnessed the same thing. This time, before Jericho could speak, he broke down in tears and left the arena. This week, we were witness to even another act where instead of wrestling Jericho would decide to play to the crowd and then tag out, leaving his partners to wrestle alone.

Each week this angle slowly develops, playing with the minds of the audience at home and in the arena. However, it has yet to be seen how long this can last.

Each week, Jericho seems to turn the audience against him, but he comes out the following week to a huge pop again. It does not seem that anything is being accomplished.

Personally, I have enjoyed the segments so far as they are intriguing and hilarious to watch. Do most other fans feel the same way? I don't know.

WWE fans have seemingly lost their appetite for slow-burn storylines, so it is likely that most just will not be able to handle the angle for much longer.

I can guarantee that Jericho will keep this up until the Royal Rumble. If he competes in the event and wins, he will probably talk on the following episode of Raw. However, there are still ways that it could stretch out further.

Many fans have labeled this work "trolling" by Jericho, and he could very well continue the trend at the Royal Rumble. What if he refuses to wrestle in the Rumble? He gets in the match and then leaves. This could cause further mystery, but would it be too much for the audience?

WWE and Jericho most certainly have something planned, but what it is I can't tell you. I can, however, guarantee that will all lead to WrestleMania and probably a great match.

When will Jericho talk? When he feels like it which will probably be after the Rumble.

Until then, fans will just have to wait and watch. Jericho is an entertainer at heart, so we are all in for a show at the end of the road.

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