WWE SmackDown: How Much Longer Will Big Show Be an Active Wrestler?

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJanuary 21, 2012

There isn't much of a question that Big Show is getting up there in age. In less than three weeks, he turns 40 years old. Big Show has held 21 championships between WCW and WWE over his 15-year career.

Outside of the Intercontinental Championship, Big Show has won every current title in WWE he is capable of winning. He also has a Royal Rumble victory in 2000, despite what the official history books say.

With all of that said, what more is there for Big Show to accomplish? He has done all that is necessary for him to get a Hall of Fame nod one day, so what is holding him back from retirement?

In his current storyline, Big Show inadvertently knocked into AJ, the girlfriend of World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Unlike his attitude may have been years prior, Big Show felt remorse. In fact, the giant seemed so distraught over the events that he has not been seen on WWE programming since the incident.

Big Show is involved in a triple threat cage match with Bryan and Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble, but how much longer will Big Show be in the main event picture? Historically, his tenure atop the card is not always a long one.

Despite his incredible size and unique ability to do moves that big men aren't expected to do, Big Show has seemed to go underappreciated, at least to the naked eye. In reality, Big Show is as valuable of a commodity as WWE has right now.

Big Show is in the role that most veterans assume in the twilight of their careers. Eventually, you need to step aside, start feuds with younger guys looking for their breaks, and get them over with the fans. In the months since the idea of Daniel Bryan and the World Heavyweight Championship began, Big Show has done wonders for Bryan's legitimacy as a champion.


The big man had the unwelcoming job of laying down as Bryan swooped in, cashing in Money in the Bank and becoming world champion. That's not a role that every superstar can handle, but a company guy with a lot of experience like Big Show can deal with that honor.

Even though Big Show is in fantastic shape for his age, he is still seven feet tall. As gigantic wrestlers in the past have taught us, their careers often come to an early end, and it could all fall apart quickly for Big Show.

Big Show's acting career has also picked up. He has appeared in many television shows and movies as his career after wrestling has taken form nicely. With that acting success and the fact that he's getting up there in terms of age, what is Big Show still holding on for?

In my mind, at least, this storyline with Daniel Bryan may be the beginning of the end for Big Show. With the guilt and forthcoming pressure from the world champion, Big Show could possibly retire as soon as this year. I wouldn't jump on this theory too quickly, but if Big Show becomes a destructive force accidentally, look for him to try to walk away from wrestling.

However, I'm under the belief that guys like The Undertaker, Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry won't truly go away until they have big men to replace them. Brodus Clay is a bright spot for the future, but is not quite ready to be the dominating big man. Right now, Clay reminds me of Mark Henry during his Sexual Chocolate phase. Clay will, one day, step in to that big man role. For now, Big Show is still essential, especially on a SmackDown brand filled with inexperienced superstars.

I can't imagine that Big Show will be on the roster after 2013. This will likely be the last year of Big Show in a predominant role of the main event. In fact, beyond WrestleMania, I can't imagine Big Show having any crucial roles or storylines with a world championship up for grabs. That may change at the very end to help Big Show get sent off on top. However, TLC's title win and quick loss all but spelled the end for Big Show's additions to his championship accolades.