WWE News: Is Kurt Angle Returning to the WWE a Real Possibility?

Drake OzSenior Writer IIJanuary 17, 2012

Photo courtesy of mmabay.co.uk
Photo courtesy of mmabay.co.uk

Kurt Angle is one of the hardest professional wrestlers to figure out. 

He often makes outlandish claims, repeatedly changes his mind on what he will or will not do and goes on those epic Twitter rants of his seemingly once a month. 

That’s why it’s difficult to get anything concrete out of Angle’s most recent tweets, which have hinted at WWE being interested in having him return at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. 

From WrestleNewz.com 

TNA star Kurt Angle says WWE is knocking on his door but he’s sticking with TNA. When a fan asked Angle if he would be showing up at WWE’s Royal Rumble, he replied: 

“Nope! I’m Happy Where I Am. No Rumble for Me!!!! My Loyalty Is With Tna. Wwe Is Knocking On My Door, But I Won’t Answer.” 

There’s been no word on whether or not the WWE has actually been in contact with Angle about returning to the company this month, but I honestly find it hard to believe that that’s the case. 

Angle is known for stirring the spot, as evidenced by another recent tweet of his: 

Earlier in the week, Angle told Jim Ross: 

“You Will Call My Last Match. Somehow. Love You.” 

Angle also wished Jack Swagger much success in WWE, after making comments in the past about Swagger using the ankle lock. 

Seriously, Angle can’t seem to make up his mind about how he feels about the WWE. 

He’s recently ripped guys like Jack Swagger and Randy Orton for “stealing his moves,” but now he’s saying that he wants Jim Ross to call his last match. And we all know that, if that’s going to happen anywhere, it’ll happen in the WWE. 

So, is Angle open to returning to the WWE down the road, but not right now? Does he hate the WWE or want to go back there? 

I really don’t know. 

Angle’s like the girl who changes her outfit seven times before going out because she can’t decide what looks good and what doesn’t. 

One week, TNA is great, and the next week, he’s hinting that the WWE is as well and that he might be willing to return to the company that made him famous. 

This is classic Angle, though, so I guess we’ll never really know what’s going on in that head of his.


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