The Hottest Athletes We've Never Seen Perform

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 17, 2012

The Hottest Athletes We've Never Seen Perform

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    There are the countless lists featuring the hottest female athletes in the world. Well-known athletes like Maria Sharapova, Danica Patrick and Lindsey Vonn are list staples. These ladies are beautiful, successful and relatively high-profile, so you've probably seen them compete at some point.

    Many other less well-known athletes are also routinely featured, helping to turn them into household names. Well, household names might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's kind of surprising how many people know the names of a part-time mountain biker from Australia or a Russian ice dancer who retired in 2011.

    Maybe you know their names, but you've probably never seen them actually perform. Let's take a look at some of the hottest athletes you've never seen perform, and check them out in action.

Niki Gudex, Australia

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    Niki Gudex is a graphic designer and sometimes-model whom FHM named one of the sexiest women in the world from 2002 through 2006.

    She seems to make every list of smokin' hot athletes because…

Niki Gudex Mountain Biking

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    Gudex is also an accomplished mountain biker from Australia who competes in downhill and cross-country events. Here she is in action.

Anni Friesinger, Germany

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    German beauty Anni Friesinger has worked part-time as a model for years. She wasn't shy about taking it all off for German magazine Stern, which made her a sex symbol in her native Germany.

    But, she isn't just a sex symbol...

Anni Friesinger Speed Skating

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    Friesinger is also one of the most accomplished female speed skaters ever. She comes from a family of athletes—her parents, Georg and Janina, and her brother, Jan, were competitive speed skaters as well.

    Friesinger has won five Olympic medals (three gold, two bronze) and an amazing 30 at the World Championships (16 gold, 12 silver, two bronze). Here she is in action.

Natascha Ragosina, Kazakhstan

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    Natascha Ragosina is a six-foot-tall Kazakhstani beauty who often models on the side, mostly to promote her day job.

    She's better known as...

Natascha Ragosina Boxing

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    Ragosina is an undefeated boxer and currently ranked as the No. 1 female super middleweight in the world. She competes professionally for Russia and is the longest reigning WBA female super middleweight champion and WBC female super middleweight champion.

    Currently, she holds all major female super middleweight titles. Check her out in action, if you dare.

Stacey McMahon, Australia

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    Stacey McMahon is an Australian model and fitness enthusiast. Many athletes use their athletic success to transition into modeling, but McMahon used her modeling success to transition into sports.

    She's not just the face of her favorite sport anymore...

Stacey McMahon Motocross Racing

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    McMahon is also a newcomer to GMC racing. She had modeled for racing calendars in the past, and GMC approached her about racing—believing a model on a motorcycle would be a great thing for the company.

    McMahon is obviously serious about the sport, as she's already broken her collar bone and came back for more. Check her out in action. 

Anna Semenovich, Russia

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    Anna Semenovich is a Russian pop singer, actress and model. Among her various jobs are: sports moderator, television host, columnist, and she starred in the Russian adaptation of the American sitcom Home Improvement.

    Well, she really is jack-of-all-trades because...

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancing

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    Semenovich is also a retired competitive ice dancer who competed at the 1994 Goodwill Games, 1998 World Championships, 2000 European Championships and 2000 World Championships. She was forced to retire due to injury in 2001. Check her out in action.

Vicky Parnov, Australia

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    Vicky Parnov is a Russian-born stunner with a passion for fashion—she's also a sometimes-model.

    But, there's a reason she's got such a hot body…

Vicky Parnov Pole-Vaulting

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    Parnov is a pole-vaulter who comes from a family of world-class athletes. Her grandmother, Natalya Pechonkina, won the bronze medal at the 1968 Olympics, and her aunt, Tatiana Grigorieva, won the silver medal at the 2000 Olympics.

    Parnov's father and sister have also competed in pole-vault. Here she is in action.

Biba Golic, Serbia

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    Serbian beauty Biba Golic attended Texas Wesleyan University and the Illinois Institute of Technology on an athletic scholarship. In 2005, she was named one of the sexiest women in sports by ESPN and has won SPIKE TV's Guys' Choice Award for "hottest athlete."

    Well, that's because...

Biba Golic Playing Table Tennis

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    Golic is one of the most recognizable faces in table tennis! Actually, she might be the only recognizable face in table tennis despite having only marginal success in competition.

    Golic competes more often in special events and exhibition matches and is trying to transition into an acting career. Check her out in some battle-of-the-sexes action.

Anna Rawson, Australia

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    Anna Rawson is a 30-year-old model who got her start in the business at age 16; she was a finalist in a fresh-face contest for Australian magazine Dolly. She worked steadily as a model, appearing in print ads, magazines and on television before attending college at the University of Southern California.

    But, she isn't just a model...

Anna Rawson Golfing

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    Rawson is also an accomplished golfer who played four years of collegiate golf at USC and turned pro in 2004. She competed on the LPGA Futures Tour in 2005 and the Ladies European Tour in 2007 before earning her LPGA Tour card in 2008. Check out her swing in action.

Leryn Franco, Paraguay

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    Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan beauty queen who was runner-up in the Miss Universo Paraguay pageant in 2006. She's also a very successful fashion model and has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

    But, she's not just another pretty face because...

Leryn Franco Javelin Throwing

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    Franco is a track-and-field athlete who has been competing in the javelin throw since 2001. She competed at both the 2004 Olympics in Athens and 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and she has been training for the 2012 Olympics in London. Here she is in action.

Kiira Korpi, Finland

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    Nordic blonde Kiira Korpi's stunning good looks and resemblance to Grace Kelly, the late Princess of Monaco, have made her an international star. Although it's not her main focus, obviously, Korpi has no trouble finding modeling work.

    She only models occasionally because...

Kiira Korpi Figure Skating

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    Korpi is a professional figure skater who, at age 23, has already competed in two Olympics and plans to compete in 2014. She hasn't medaled in the Olympics, but Korpi is a two-time Finnish national champion and a two-time bronze medalist at the European Figure Skating Championships. Here she is in action.