Minnesota Vikings 2012 Draft: Defense Wins Championships

Rob SirplessContributor IJanuary 16, 2012

LSU CB Morris Claiborne, #17
LSU CB Morris Claiborne, #17Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Recently, I wrote an article about how the Vikings would be wise to replicate the high-powered offenses around the NFL. However, after seeing the playoffs unfold as they have year after year, with defenses winning and shutting down even the most explosive of offenses, I have arrived at some new conclusions.

I once heard that, to beat a team, you must attack and take away what they are good at. The two teams who made the playoffs from the NFC North this season (Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers), and whom the Vikings play four collective times a year, are very good at passing the football. .

This past week in the playoffs, we saw two teams who humiliated the Vikings in 2011 get sent home. New Orleans and the Pack are explosive and rack up yards and points, but solid defense, as always, ruled the day.

The given consensus is that GM Rick Spielman will draft USC OT Matt Kalil if he is available. I submit that, regardless of Kalil's availability, Minnesota should think defensive. I really like LSU CB Morris Claiborne. Trading down and landing Dre Kirkpatrick from Alabama is also an option.

If the Vikings want to be competitive again, they had better find a way to play defense at the highest level possible. Take away what your opponent does well and you have them.

Because, even if the Vikings offense isn't the most explosive, remember, they still put up more than 20 points multiple times last year. And the Packers and Lions can't stop anyone on defense.