Hoosiers Find Their Way

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2008

Purdue was on an 11-game winning streak heading into Bloomington.  They are on a one-game losing streak heading out.

The Hoosiers have cranked out two straight wins against Top 25 teams in the past 10 days.  Before this they seemed to have been overrated, but now the question arises: Do these wins show that Indiana is for real, or is the success a fluke?

The truth is that these were not only wins, but big wins.  The first of the two games was a double-digit victory over Michigan State, 80-61.

After this the Hoosiers carried their building momentum into the game against the Boilermakers to win by a score of 77-68.

This to me is a sign that the Hoosiers are waking up to their own skills and the real potential for triumph.  The Sampson Show can be distracting, but these kids are ignoring it and finding a way to win amidst controversy.

Big Ten, beware: the Hoosiers are back in their prime.  They should be able to win out the rest of the conference schedule and you should expect them to do well in the conference tourney, too.

Momentum is also a big factor in seeding in the NCAA tourney, and if you haven't noticed, right now Indiana has a ton of it.

If the Hoosiers keep playing like this, they should be able to make a run to the Elite Eight—or higher.  Who knows how high they could go?