5 Best NBA Players at Every Position

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5 Best NBA Players at Every Position
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In the NBA, if you didn't already know, there are five positions that one player must fulfill on each team.

The point guard has the responsibility and duty of leading the team. On offense, they're usually the primary ball-handler who dictates the tone and leads the facilitation of the game. They're usually the ones racking up all of the assists as a result of holding the ball the longest and being the smartest player on the court when it comes to making wise passing decisions.

The shooting guard will usually be the primary scorer. They sometimes handle the ball like a point guard but usually thrive off the point guard getting them open and finding them in their places. Shooting guards are usually the most multidimensional players on the court as they're usually the best shooters and slashers.

Small forwards are usually the most athletic player on the court. They're usually the ones in highlight reels as a result of their athleticism. Small forwards tend to be the primary slashers on account of them being able to perfectly blend strength and speed. They're usually not the best shooter on the court, but they should be solid shooters.

Power forwards are the players who may appear to be centers but serve more of a purpose on the court outside of the painted area. They can play with their back-to-the-basket, shoot from within the perimeter, and can drive if they have the speed to beat out their defender.

Next to point guards, centers are arguably the most significant part of a lineup. This is the last line of defense as they hold down the painted area and have the last say on any opposing player who attempts to drive into the lane. Centers usually aren't shooters but rather play with their back-to-the-basket and score off dunks, hook shots and jumpers out to 15 feet.

With that being said and clarified, let's take a look at the five best players at each position

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