Will Tonight Be Kelvin Sampson’s Final Game as a Major D-I Coach?

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2008

An announcement from Athletic Director Rick Greenspan is expected by Thursday, and most believe that Sampson is finished.

So will tonight be his last game patrolling the sidelines of a Big 6 school? You have to assume he’ll eventually get another chance down the line, but will that chance be at a much smaller school or in the pros?

So the question is: Does he go out with a win over hated intra-state school Purdue? Or does this Boilermaker train keep plowing through the Big Ten on its way to a high seed in The Tournament?

Consider me riveted. I’m not really sure that all this phone hubbub nonsense is even that much of an issue, but Dick Vitale is not happy. That means *does Vitale karate chop point of emphasis* there is no excuse for this kind of behavior on college BASKETBALL.

Either way, it’s a scandal at the college level, so that allows people to pretend to get all upset about a bunch of things (I’m looking at you, Mariotti) that they probably couldn’t even specifically identify to you if you asked them on the spot.

I hope Sampson survives. It’ll infuriate that many more people and make this stroll into March all the more eventful.