The 15 Funniest Press Conference Moments

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIJanuary 16, 2012

The 15 Funniest Press Conference Moments

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    It seems like 99 percent of the time, press conferences are dull and uninspiring.  You can almost predict how every one will go down.

    Sports reporter asks repetitive question about the team's struggles as of late, hot-shot quarterback gives lame excuse on how they simply aren't executing, next reporter asks what the game plan is this week, coach gives the "establish the run" speech and how the team needs to be aggressive on both sides of the ball.

    But every once in a while, there's a gem...

    The reporters are going through the motions and suddenly, the athlete or coach drops a bomb that immediately makes him a YouTube sensation.

    Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it's controversial, but either way, it sure as heck is entertaining.

    Here are 15 of the more infamous funny moments in press conference history.

Shaq O'Neal

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    Shaq is one of the legends of the NBA, but that didn't stop him from having one of the best personalities in the league.

    Here, a reporter asks him a seemingly meaningless question, and Shaq completely turned the tables on the poor guy.

    Then just walking out with the "I got you" look in his face capped off this perfect press conference moment.

Chris Paul's Son

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    Skip to the 1:14 mark.  What can I say, he wanted the raisins now.

    Chris Paul was just doing the bare minimum throughout this press conference until baby Paul decided to make his voice heard!

    He did just that demanding his mama to come and open his raisin box I'm guessing.  Either that or he was just acting like any other four-year-old would.

    Ten years from now, Chris Paul and his kid are going to look back at this and laugh.

Dwight Howard

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    This question just screamed awkwardness from the beginning, at least for the reporter.

    Dwight Howard was having a good time with it; his eyes and that silly smile were simply priceless.  The reporter apologizing was just a really weird moment.

    But c'mon, that IS a good color on him.

No Crying in Football

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    I don't know about any of you guys, but this moment really touched my heart...A grown man crying because of another grown man?  How often do you see that?

    What made this moment really touching was the the man who said it. Terrell Owens, as you all know, is famous for being an arrogant jokester, not somebody that shows a lot of seriousness.

    Nowadays when you see this, you just laugh. But back in the days when the phrase "Romo to Owens for a Dallas TD" was common, this was some emotional stuff.


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    This just might be the most overused sports quote of all time except for maybe "practice?"

    Jim Mora's rant will forever have a place in the most famous coaching rants of all time, even if the whole clip is starting to get a bit stale.

    If you listen to the rest of the video, though, there were actually a lot of funny moments that go unmentioned.

    "In my opinion, that sucked!"  I dare a coach to say that in 2012.

Dennis Green Lets It out

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    This clip never fails to bring a smile to my face.  "They are who we thought they were!"

    So Simple, and yet so much truth behind those words.  Just goes to show you can have the best game plan in the world, but you still have to execute on game day.

    Just brilliant, Mr. Dennis Green.

Herm Edwards States the Obvious

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    It may seem so obvious to the fans, but sometimes we let our guard down without realizing it.

    "Let's see, if we lose this game, then we'll go from the 14th overall pick to the 11th overall pick, hmmm, I'll secretly root for the other team and maybe we'll have a better shot next year."

    Hello!  You play to win the game!  Don't lie, we've all been guilty of this at some point.

    Sometimes it's nice for Herm Edwards to remind us what the game is really all about.

Singletary Tells Vernon Davis to Leave

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    Mike Singletary's reign in San Francisco was forgettable, but one of his more memorable decisions was to send Vernon Davis to the locker room.

    What's funny about this video is the irony.  Just two days ago, Vernon Davis caught the game-winning touchdown pass to send the 49ers to the NFC championship.

    I guess you can win with them, Mike.

Derek Anderson Loses It

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    I'm not really sure where Derek Anderson was going with this...

    Yeah, we know you wanted to win, every player does—care to maybe elaborate more on your decision to mess around on the sideline?

    I guess because it's fine and nothing's funny to him.

Mike Gundy Is a Man

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    What's funny about this video isn't the actual rant, because in all honesty, it was some serious stuff.

    What was funny is one quote that stuck out to me: "I'm a man, I'm 40, attack me."

    I guess when you turn 40 you become a man. Good logic, Mike Gundy.

Both Teams Played Hard

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    I'm still trying to figure out what was going on here.  It would be nice to find the full press conference but unfortunately, this is all I could find.

    He said that both teams played hard so many times that it started to turn into, "both teams played haaeer."

    I'm sure it was a good game, Rasheed Wallace.

Metta World Peace

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    I appreciate that Ron Arest, I mean Metta world Peace, is trying to have a personality in today's era where NBA players are very robotic.

    But unfortunately, he just isn't very funny.  The whole press conference was awkward and it looked like he was trying too hard.

    At least on the cover of Wheaties...

Shaq's Proposal

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    What I thought was the funniest part of the video was the nervous way the GM said "yes" when Shaq was starting to talk about contract negotiations.

    At a $100 million a season, a healthy Shaq is most definitely a bargain-bin player.


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    What were you expecting?

    Allen Iverson's legacy will always be controversial, but the moment that he will be remembered for just might be this infamous press conference.  He has become a YouTube sensation, garnering nearly five million views.

    While this might be the most famous moment in press conference history, this might not be the funniest...

Practice 2.0

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    This moment became an instant classic, and it was legitimately funny.  You could tell the reaction was genuine. 

    The best part about this moment was that it was purely accidental.  He didn't come to the press conference armed with jokes like Metta world Peace did.

    It just came out, and it just might go down as the funniest moment in press conference history that no one talks about.