WWE: Tag Team Titles Change Hands at a House Show in Oakland

Andrew WindonContributor IIIJanuary 15, 2012

Rosa Mendes with the Tag Team Titles
Rosa Mendes with the Tag Team Titles

AirBoom have been the Tag Team Champions for the past 156 days, but with the backstage heat that Evan Bourne has been amassing, many people had become skeptical to how long the team would hold these titles. This skepticism came to a head tonight at a house show in Oakland. 

The past week of House shows have seen AirBoom facing off against Epico and Primo and putting the Tag Team Titles on the line. From everything that has been said these matches have been above par and have had a false finish included. Normally either Epico or Primo would pin Kofi Kingston for the victory, celebrate, only to be told that Kofi had his foot on the bottom rope and the match would restart.

The news out of Oakland made me believe that the same had happened tonight and it was just a fans over reaction before the match had restarted, but it has been confirmed by WWE official Scott Armstrong's Twitter page. He stated:

New Tag Team Champs here in Oakland! Congrats to Primo and Epico!!!

Epico also commented on winning the Tag Team Titles by saying

"We came, we saw, we conquered, And tonight Primo and Epico are the new WWE Tag Team Champions!!!" 

This is not the first time that the WWE Tag Team Titles have changed hands at a House show, being done before in 2008 when John Morrison and the Miz won. This does however come as a big shock since the WWE had made a resurgence for Tag Teams. Hopefully footage will be given on Monday for what exactly happened.