Handing Out Report Cards to Every NFL Quarterback in the Divisional Round

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Handing Out Report Cards to Every NFL Quarterback in the Divisional Round
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Before I was the stunningly handsome Miami Dolphins Featured Columnist here at Bleacher Report, I had another life as a stunningly handsome teacher and tutor working primarily with kids who needed just a little bit of help from time to time with English, literature, history and at times Math and social studies (but for the most part I simply taught them how to take Florida's standardized tests, which is called the FCAT). 

Something I found out about myself while teaching was that I got a sick pleasure from grading my students' work. 

I was tough but always fair. I never played favorites and always explained why each student earned the grade I gave them. 

With Miami out of the playoffs since Columbus Day, and a fun slate of divisional playoff games at my disposal all weekend, I decided to try my hand at grading the quarterbacks this weekend. 

I graded the quarterbacks based on their stats, whether they won or lost the game, what they brought to the table, what they took away from the table and also accounted for what their teammates did or didn't do. 

Like I used to tell my students, I didn't give these grades to each of the final eight remaining quarterbacks, they earned them. While I was in school I always rolled my eyes while my teachers told me that, but as a teacher I found out that this is most certainly the case. Sure there are teachers from time to time that hate their students, but I was never one of those types and always considered myself fair; and that was what many of the parents told me (although in fairness, yes, some of my students were royal pains, but we shall not name them here since a lot of my former students wind up reading my stuff). 

So here's a look at each grade received, sorry, earned by the final eight quarterbacks remaining coming into this weekend. 

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