The Super Bowl Is Approaching: Week 19 Predictions and Rankings

Parrish NotesContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Well, Week 18 was a wonderful weekend of NFL playoffs. Ok, I was wrong about Arizona, but I was right about SD playing good football. Nonetheless, here we go...

1. NY Giants- The G-men are are rested and waiting for their division rivals, the Eagles. The BOYS already have the Giants -4 at 40.5. I like the G-Men to revenge their Week 15 lost of 20-14.

Philly played well against TJ and company, but it was my favorite player's 71-yard burst that ended the lucky NFC North champs bid for a date with destiny. I gave some astonishing stats about the G-Men last week, and coupled with rest, I see the NFC championship game for them, too.

2. Tennessee- Big Brother is rested and will be ready at HOME. The Boys have them -3 at 34.5. This will be a classic smash-mouth game, just like Week Five 13-10 win. The Titans are good at home (except that Jets debacle) and proof in the pudding is their 31-14 win against the No. 1 defense when it counted.

I like the Titans, 20-10, because Kerry Collins is not Chad P. and their defense will give my favorite rookie too much trouble when passing.

3. Pittsburgh- I cannot see D. Sproles rushing for 105 yards against the Steel Curtain. With L.T. hampered by another injury, SD will get blasted. The Boys have them -6 at 39. I like the Steelers, 27-13, so take the over.

4. Carolina- As much as I hate the Panthers (oh, they kept my Falcons from that No. 2 seed), this game will not be close. The boys already have them -10 at 48. Ah, this is pretty high for a playoff game; however, they are rested and the birds will be content with winning a playoff game.

Kurt the senior citizen will be harassed all day with exotic blitzes that produced a 79 QB rating for opposing teams. Expect a blowout and the Panthers to cover.

5. Philly- Please don't let the score of the Minn game fool you. The Eagles struggled and McNabb will not have a weak secondary to torch next week. I like the Eagles at No. 5, but the Ravens are just as good. If the Eagles are going to pull off the upset, their No. 3 defense will have to play tough again on the road.

Their win at the Meadowlands during Week 15 was a dominating performance by Westbrook (203 total yds) and McNabb (191 yds passing with NO INT). If you are feeling lucky, take the points with the EAGLES...But not straight up.

5. Baltimore- The Ravens are for real. If you like upsets, go with this game: The Ravens are playing well and road games have not troubled them this season. What they did to a good Miami team today was too good to be true- 4 interceptions and held Miami to 52 yards rushing.

Again, expect a low-scoring game and big hits like in their 9-13 lost to the Steel Curtain. Its a shame that I am not really sold on the Titans that only lost three games.

7. San Diego- Like I said last week, this is the hottest team in football. They beat a very good Colts team that had just won nine of their last 10. However, their road to the Super Bowl will end in Pittsburgh.

I cannot attempt say that this game will be an upset. Phillip Rivers made too many mistakes against an average defense; they will have to score more than 17 points in regulation especially holding the ball for 34+ minutes.

8. Arizona- E.J. changed the game against my Falcons this week. However, he will not average 4.5 yards per rush this week against Carolina. I do think an upset could happen because during Week Eight, the birds led at one time 17-3 with no yards on the ground.

In that game, Kurt throw for 381 yards (are you kidding me). Out the four games, I would rank this game as the most exciting. If its a track meet, I hate to say it, but pick the birds to win, 34-30, thus take the points and the over.