Attention Critics: Tim Tebow Is Still a Formidable QB Despite Playoff Loss

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Attention Critics: Tim Tebow Is Still a Formidable QB Despite Playoff Loss
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Tebow and the Broncos were slaughted 45-10 by Tom Brady and the Patriots

Last night, following the New England Patriots 45-10 slaughter on the Denver Broncos, the world seemed to turn on "The Lord's Favorite Son," Tim Tebow, after his poor outing in the second round of the 2012 NFL Playoffs.

America's most famous quarterback and former third stringer of the Denver Broncos, Tebow made a name for himself this season, taking a 1-4 Denver Broncos team and winning seven out of eleven games, showing off his flashy and divine comebacks in the fourth quarter. Proving critics wrong each and every week, the "Tebowing" Christian boy brought a once hopeless Broncos team into NFL Playoffs.

However, in one night the world has seemingly forgotten about the sensational storyline Tim Tebow was apart of this season, and now the angry, hypocritical "fans" are ushering demands to have Tebow traded, benched, or let go. Social networking websites all over the Internet and the "expert" analysts have proceeded to mock the man who led the Broncos to the AFC West title, essentially saying, "See, I told you he isn't able to be an NFL quarterback!"

Of course, he did have a pretty terrible outing against the New England Patriots, but is there anyone out there who truly expected an upset victory over "Tom Terrific?" Being unable to recreate his comeback magic, Tebow is taking all the blame for an inevitable loss against the Patriots.

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently Tim Tebow is not only the reason that the defense was brutal to watch, but he is also an awful NFL quarterback because he could not find a way to defeat a two time NFL MVP in Tom Brady and the AFC's number one seed.

To all the people jumping off the Tebow bandwagon faster than they hopped on to the 49ers bandwagon, let me ask you how exactly Tim Tebow is a failure and a poor excuse for a quarterback?

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With the weight of the world on his shoulders since he first got drafted to Denver, Tebow has dealt with everyone and their mother raging and ranting about their disbelief in his ability. Is he the next Elway? No, but winning his first six games in a row is not a matter of divine intervention, no matter what any comedians, late-night talk show hosts, or "experts" have to say about it. Nobody gets lucky in seven out of eight games, whether they won in the final minutes of the game or not.

Please don't get me wrong, however. I am not here to say that Tebow is this flawless quarterback who will live up to being an elite future Hall of Fame player. Rather, I am here to say that instead of hating on Tebow because that is what everyone else feels is appropriate, why don't we look at this from a realistic point of view and commend Tebow for his great run and understand he has a lot of work to do before we call him a failure.

Tebow has been called many names, but "Rookie" has seemingly become a forgotten term. Tebow is a work in progress, who wasn't supposed to even be the backup QB for Denver this season. He is not perfect, and is far from it, but he is a project that shouldn't be receiving any true criticism after one terrific, and essentially rookie, campaign that got the whole world talking. 

The former Heisman winner loves proving people wrong and that will always be his motive to try harder each and every day. We cannot call him anything but a determined player until he has had more years of experience and training. Young QBs take a year or two to fully develop, and it is incredibly unfair to deem him such a failure without giving him enough time.

Am I here to make excuses for Tebow? No, because the Broncos did have a bad game; that was rather expected. (Notice how I said Broncos, not Tebow?) What I am saying here is that those who are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Tebow right now are preposterous and need to understand that this was his first year starting, and that wasn't even supposed to happen. We will only be able to truly judge when he has the proper time to prepare and when he has another couple of years under his belt.

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