Wilson College Video: Watch Amazing Full-Court Game-Winning Shot

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJanuary 15, 2012

Chase Spreen may tell his children about this shot, but he'll have to show them the footage to get them to believe him. Spreen launched and made what is sure to go down as one of the most remarkable shots this year, and it's only January.

The 6'5" junior from NAIA Lindsey Wilson College is getting major face time right now, even if he doesn't have an iPod or iPhone. The shot made ESPN's Top 10 plays and it gave the Blue Raiders their only lead of the game.

Spreen has immediately listed the shot and defeating NAIA Georgetown as the pinnacle sports moment for him at Lindsey.

Spreen grabs the rebound, takes one step and launches it from three-quarters down the court and sinks it, nearly all net. The play-by-play announcer will be nearly as famous as Spreen. He completely looses it on his call of the play. Spreen's teammates go equally as bonkers as they mob him at half court. 

The shot was a huge one beyond its commercial appeal, as these two teams sit atop the standings of the Mid-South Conference. The miracle allowed the Blue Raiders to stay even with Georgetown, as both teams have one loss. That only adds to the clutch factor.

After a while, no one outside of the NAIA circle will remember all of the circumstances surrounding the shot, but most will remember the image of Spreen nailing this improbable prayer.


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