Philadelphia Eagles: Ranking 5 Replacements for Defensive Secondary Coach

WesAnalyst IJanuary 17, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: Ranking 5 Replacements for Defensive Secondary Coach

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    Who is going to replace Johnny Lynn as the Eagles defensive backs coach?

    The speculation right now points to Juan Castillo taking over when Steve Spagnuolo becomes the defensive coordinator.

    Actually, the truth about the whole thing is this: That's the only guess anybody has at this point. There are no other names circulating or any rumors hitting the old Internet.

    Part of that is due to Andy Reid being tight-lipped when it comes to personnel decisions on his roster or coaching staff. There's nothing wrong with it, and he certainly doesn't owe anyone, including the fans, any insight into what he wants to do.

    The other part has to do with coaches who are available. The pickings are fairly slim right now between coaches going through interviews for head coaching positions and those who were once out of a job are now being employed.

    Here are five names to kick around before the dust settles. Some you will know and some will send you to Google wondering if they are fictional characters existing only in this slideshow.

No. 5: Kermit Buggs

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    Penn State lost its entire coaching staff. The Eagles need a coach. Why not look at what Penn State has to offer?

    Kermit Buggs was on the Penn State coaching staff from 2003-2011. He held several roles, including secondary coach when Tom Bradley stepped in as interim head coach.

    Bradley might not be a bad option either, but that just seems like too much of a public relations nightmare for the Eagles at this point. But, it wouldn't hurt them to at least see what has been left in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

No. 4: Mike Reed

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    According to the NC State football website, Mike Reed was a defensive backs and special teams coach in 2002 and then became a defensive assistant and quality control coach from 2003-2006.

    What the website doesn't say is why Reed left the Eagles to become a defensive backs coach with NC State, where he's been since 2007.

    There is obviously a football junkie out there who put together a nice little piece on the Andy Reid coaching tree. It reveals that Reed's contract simply wasn't renewed in 2006. It's not exactly the best news going, but maybe Reed has improved enough as a coach for Reid to think about bringing him back.

    And maybe Reed would want another shot in the pro ranks instead of stumbling around in the middle of the ACC pack.

No. 3: Willie Martinez

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    Enter college coach No. 3.

    Willie Martinez recently resigned as Oklahoma's defensive backs coach to make room for Mike Stoops, brother of head coach Bob Stoops, to join the coaching staff.

    Martinez comes from an elite college program, also had experience at Georgia and still has a desire to keep coaching. Sounds like a good enough fit.

No. 2: Jack Del Rio

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    Let's set something straight right now: I don't like Jack Del Rio.

    But, that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a good positions coach in the NFL. He has plenty of defensive experience, and if nothing else, the Jaguars did play good defense. The problem in Jacksonville was Del Rio could never find or develop a good quarterback.

    Perfect. Keep him on the opposite side of the ball and don't let him near Michael Vick.

    His ego would take a huge blow to go from head coach to defensive backs coach, but he has to realize he won't be a head coach for a real organization in the NFL.

    Maybe when he checks his ego at the door, he can also leave the sunglasses there too.

No. 1: Juan Castillo

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    Andy Reid, if nothing else, is loyal to his guys.

    First it was Donovan McNabb, then Kevin Kolb and now it's Juan Castillo.

    Howard Mudd came out of retirement last year and Reid salivated. He wanted a new system installed along the offensive line, and he added a coach that many consider the best in the business.

    With Castillo standing around like a lost kid in the middle of the mall, Reid took him by the hand and made him the defensive coordinator. The fans went, "Huh?" and the disaster ensued.

    Reid has to clean up the mess, but he doesn't want to put Castillo out of a job. I can respect that side of Reid. With an opening at defensive backs coach, Castillo will get moved if and when Steve Spagnuolo takes over.

    And if Spags doesn't take the position, maybe a guy like Del Rio could take over as defensive coordinator.

    The one thing nobody mentions is if Castillo would accept the position.

    I, for one, wouldn't. It seems like a steady progression to be a video operator and a complete slap in the face.