2012 Regular Season Predictions: How Tim Tebow Can Improve as a Quarterback

Austin BarkerContributor IJanuary 15, 2012

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

The quarterback position in the NFL, without a doubt, is the most important position and requires a "mentally strong" person. Day in and day out, a QB must be prepared for the unpredictable—the toughest days or the easiest days.

Quarterbacks also must withstand criticism. When it's tough, they hear how bad they are from everyone. When things are going good, people shower on the praise.

That said, the 2011 regular season was not a easy year for Tim Tebow, or the Denver Broncos for that matter.

But now Tim Tebow has time to regroup. He now has an offseason to learn "important" fundamentals. Tebow will be able to work on his footwork week in and week out. He'll also be taught how to read coverages and throw in timing, which will be invaluable for him this year.

He will be given every chance to become better for 2012.

If by next year he hasn't improved, then it's safe to say Tebow can't cut it in the NFL. The only way I don't see him improving is if his coaches don't give him full attention.

If I were head coach of the Denver Broncos, I would have Tebow work with the Defensive Coordinator on what defenses have been doing to him all year in 2011. If the defense and offense go over film together, Tebow can hear both sides of what was happening and what he should do. 

I would obviously teach him footwork, but make it clear to him that his bootlegging ability is still valued. because Tim will never be 100 percent from the pocket.

Another plus for Tebow: He will be able to learn with his receivers and offensive line. They will grow to understand what he expects when he rolls out of the pocket. 

Next year, I am looking forward to seeing how smooth this offense is. If everyone works and grows together as a team this year, I expect Tim to be able to throw more accurately and to sit in the pocket with confidence.

Defenses will be able to see if he buckles under pressure. If he does well, I believe defenses will give him more conventional looks. It would be amazing to see that transition in Tebow from a scramble QB to a confident QB in and out of the pocket.