Broncos vs. Patriots: Ranking Tim Tebow's 4 Worst Throws in Playoff Matchup

Jon Dove@!/Jon_Dove42Contributor IJanuary 15, 2012

Broncos vs. Patriots: Ranking Tim Tebow's 4 Worst Throws in Playoff Matchup

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    Last night, the Denver Broncos were dismantled by the New England Patriots. From the first series of the game, Tom Brady showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and why a quarterback needs to be efficient in order to be successful.

    Tim Tebow was unable to recreate the magic he did against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game, he completed 10 passes for more than 300 yards.

    Last night, Tebow only completed nine passes and was unable to break 140 yards. This performance featured a ton of poor throws, reads and execution.

    Instead of breaking down individual throws, I will list the type of throws he struggled with in this game.

No. 4 Working the Middle of the Field

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    Working the middle part of the field can be very lucrative, but it also comes with dangers.

    This area of the field features a ton of lurking defenders looking to create a turnover.

    Timing, accuracy and zip are required to effectively work the middle the field.

    This is actually the area were to Tebow has the most success, but this part of his game is still very inconsistent.

    His inability to quickly decipher post-snap information is what limits his effectiveness over the middle.

    Tebow's hesitation allows defenders to close in on the ball and break up the pass attempt.

No. 3 Short Passing Game

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    Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy likes to provide easy completions and opportunities to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers.

    This means that the underneath passing game plays a major role in the success of this offense.

    Routes like drags, wide receiver screens and slants are heavily featured.

    To effectively orchestrate an underneath passing attack, the quarterback needs to deliver the ball with excellent placement.

    The throws need to be out in front so the receiver can make a catch, have the ability to pick up yards and make people miss.

    Accuracy is not one of Tebow's strong suits, and it really shows up in these underneath routes. In last night's game, he delivered several balls behind his target, slowing their momentum.

    Having to stop the route limited the amount of yards after the catch.

No. 2 Working the Sidelines

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    One of the toughest throws for an NFL quarterback to make is a deep out route.

    The sideline throws require excellent ball replacement, timing and zip. 

    Tim Tebow struggles working the sideline, as his limited accuracy and timing make it difficult to complete the pass.

    He is capable of making completions along the sidelines, but his inconsistencies make this a hit-or-miss route.

    Oftentimes, the ball is thrown into the ground or out of bounds, making it impossible for the receiver to come down with the catch. In other situations, Tebow hangs onto the ball too long, allowing the defensive back to close on the ball and break up the pass.

    This is a difficult throw to complete, but it's an essential part of the NFL passing attack. All the top-level NFL quarterbacks are able to make this throw in their sleep.

No. 1 Pulling the Trigger

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    John Elway's words of wisdom were not just a ploy, he truly felt that Tim Tebow needed to pull the trigger.

    While he has shown some improvement, Tebow still holds the football too long and doesn't anticipate his throws.

    Tebow is a see-and-throw quarterback, meaning he needs to see his target open before he delivers the ball.

    NFL quarterbacks cannot survive as see-and-throw players. The defensive backs are too quick and instinctive for the ball not to come out quicker.

    A lot of the Broncos' offensive success has come on broken plays and scrambles by Tebow.

    However, these type of plays don't allow the offense to get in rhythm. A broken play cannot be counted on and is too unpredictable to be a major part of your offense.