Peyton Manning's Next Act: Money Talks, Dome Homey?

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2012

Team Manning has a decision to make.
Team Manning has a decision to make.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Peyton Manning could possibly be on a new team come August.  Where he will land? 

After considerable discussions with the best armchair quarterbacks in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I am guessing either the Washington Redskins or the Minnesota Vikings.

Here are my reasons pro and con:


Washington Redskins (Pro):

1) The Redskins are in the NFC and have a decent coach in Mike Shanahan.  Remember, he coached John Elway and the Broncos to consecutive Super Bowl victories.

2) The Skins also have a questionable quarterback situation with Rex Grossman and an owner who is eager to win it all and has historically paid big bucks to make it happen.

3) Also, the Skins are in the NFC, far way from the AFC Colts.


Washington Redskins (Con):

1) The Skins play on natural turf, not conducive to the pinpoint Peyton. 

2) The Skins have a bunch of no-name receivers. Talk of raiding the Saints  (Marques Colston) and the 49ers (Ted Ginn) might be nice bait for Peyton, but it also wreaks of past "pay for delay" tactics by the Redskins. 

3) The Skins have been a graveyard for players and coaches just beyond their prime.  Let's face it, the Skins are hexed and I doubt that Peyton, being from Nawlins and all, would go to a team so down on its luck, unless a witch doctor with a Daniel Snyder doll comes along and starts sticking pins, I don't see Team Peyton going to Washington.


Minnesota Vikings (Pro):

1)  Three reasons right off the top: 1) Dome 2) Dome 3) Dome.  Older QB + cozy indoors + Astroturf = Happy Peyton.

2) Rookie QB in Christian Ponder who would benefit greatly from Peyton's tutoring.

3) NFC again, far, far away from Colts divisional play.

4) Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier knows Peyton from coaching the defensive backs for the Colts in 2005-06.

5) An owner, Zygi Wilf, eager to win it all finally...after all, the Vikes are another snake-bitten franchise.


Minnesota Vikings (Con):

Hall of Fame ready
Hall of Fame readyJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

1) Dad Archie played there in a swan-song role.  Peyton may not want to relive ghosts from the past.


2) Beyond Adrian Peterson, doesn't look like the Vikes have many proven-high caliber offensive weapons outside of Percy Harvin.  Talent is good, but the clock is ticking on Peyton; he will want to have proven targets to go to immediately.

3) Overall coaching staff.  The Vikes may have a solid staff, but have not done anything exceptional to date, unlike Shanny and the Redskins.  This may be a deterrent to the results-oriented Manning.

Other teams that may be in the mix: Chiefs, Dolphins, Cowboys, Bucs, Jets

Depending on the number of reads to this article, I will delve into these other possibilities.