UFC 142 Results: Jose Aldo Cleans Out Team Alpha Male

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2012

Jose Aldo defeated Team Alpha Male standout Chad Mendes in dramatic fashion, in a fight that brought UFC 142 to a close.

While Mendes was working for a takedown late in the round, Aldo managed to separate, spin around, around with one second left, land a knee that sent Mendes crashing to the canvas.

The featherweight champ followed it up with one thunderous punch and the fight was over.

Some might put an asterisk next to this victory, considering that a minute before Aldo ended the fight, Mendes had a takedown locked up and Aldo held the fence in order to stay on his feet—a blatantly illegal move.

Controversy or no, Aldo was victorious tonight in what was arguably the greatest test of his career in front of thousands of his countrymen.

This being Aldo's sixth straight title defense, there seem to be few contenders left in the featherweight division that could challenge for his belt.

After tonight, it is apparent that Aldo has Team Alpha Male's number, having defeated two of the camps top three fighters—Mendes, as well as Urijah Faber.

Despite his mentor Urijah Faber and himself being defeated by Aldo, Mendes seemed to harbor no ill-will toward the 145-pound champ.

In his post-fight interview, Mendes was highly complimentary and respectful of Aldo, showing class in defeat.

Mendes is still young and could very well work his way back towards a title shot, but for now it's Jose Aldo two, Team Alpha Male zero.

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