New York Knicks: Josh Harrellson Overshadowed by Iman Shumpert

Jason RadowitzContributor IIIJanuary 15, 2012

Iman Shumpert has been very effective, especially on the defensive end, but Josh Harrellson's play has been great, and probably better than Shumpert's this season for the New York Knicks.

Harrellson always seems to be in the right spot at the right time to make a play on either side of the ball.

On defense, he's always well-aware of what he needs to do, and is very good defending inside the paint by going up completely vertical without reaching for the ball. The result is usually a miss and a Knicks rebound where the other team complains in disgust.

On the offensive end, Harrellson has taken 30 attempts from downtown, something you would never see in his college days at Kentucky, and he's made a reasonable 10 of them through 11 games.

When he isn't camping out for the three, inside, he becomes the dirty work, role player, looking for the offensive rebound and put-backs. At times, he has become feared because of his passion and heart for the game.

But no one acknowledges how well Josh Harrellson has actually played after getting drafted 45th by the Hornets. He was then obviously snatched by the Knicks.

Iman Shumpert is the highly-talented guard the Knicks drafted as their first-round pick, and he is getting most of the love.

However, on offense, he doesn't see the floor as well as many think.

He has missed many opportunities for assists, and shoots way to much, especially when the Big Three are on the floor.

Point guards are supposed to help others get involved, but there are times where Shumpert is playing one-on-five.

His defense is spectacular, however, as he is second in the league in steals. He's very quick and has very good size for the guard position.

I can see why he is a likable guy for Knicks fans, but Harrellson does it all too, and more efficiently.

Whenever Harrellson is on the floor, the Knicks score more points than the other team. He has the best plus/minus on the Knicks and that obviously proves his importance.

While Toney Douglas and the Knicks bench is struggling, only Josh Harrellson is keeping it up. He is always trying his hardest to inspire his teammates with his outrageous hustle (showing some signs of David Lee there).

So, as you continue to watch the Knicks play, realize that Josh Harrellson has been an insane find by Donnie Walsh and the Knicks.