Chargers-Colts: Darren Sproles Ran Wild

Sam TastadCorrespondent IIIJanuary 4, 2009

On Saturday night, I saw Darren Sproles just destroy the Colts defense. If I were the Chargers, I would not let Sproles get away.

Sproles showed that even though Ladanian Tomlinson was on the sideline, the Chargers still have a very good run game, and that he can open up the passing game too.

Sproles has everything.

He has the speed, the acceleration, the agility, the quick bursts, and he can make short runs turn into long runs. It doesn't matter that he is 5'6", because he uses that as an advantage.

I watched a video of Sproles on YouTube when he played for Kansas State, and he was basically in a whole mob of Sooner tacklers, but he got out of it, and ran for a touchdown.

On Saturday night, Darren Sproles had 328 all purpose yards for the San Diego Chargers, including return yardage. He scored two touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime.

Watching the final drive that Sproles took for a touchdown last night solidified why I thought the Chargers could be sleeper in the AFC, even without Tomlinson, even though he did play on Saturday, just not the second half. He ran for a touchdown, and had a few good runs.

In the Chargers upcoming game against the Steelers, look for Sproles to play a factor in the game. He and Tomlinson, if he plays, need to run the ball well to open up the passing game for Phillip Rivers.