College Basketball Recruiting: Can Aquille Carr Recruit Stars to Seton Hall?

Eric HampfordContributor IIIJanuary 15, 2012

Aquille Carr can put Seton Hall back on the map
Aquille Carr can put Seton Hall back on the map

It's now old news that pint-sized Baltimore legend Aquille Carr shocked the country when he chose to continue his basketball career with the upstart Seton Hall Pirates last week. 

Now that all the dust has settled on his recruitment, there is another question looming on the horizon. What stars can he convince to make South Orange their future college home? 

One hot name that has surfaced in rumors is well-traveled 2013 shooting guard Chris Thomas. The 6'5" Denver native is spending this season at South Kent Prep School in Connecticut. While there is no denying his talent, considering that he's one of the top 20 players in America in his class, he carries some baggage. 

He has crisscrossed the country playing for several different high schools, and has had attitude issues in the past.

That being said, his talent is undeniable. He already has the body of an NBA shooting guard, he is exceptional in transition and is a smooth shooter. He is also an explosive athlete who is a creative passer.

If the 5'7" Carr can help lure the star shooting guard to Seton Hall, they would be a monster two-man class and most likely become the most explosive freshman backcourt in America. 

If Chris Thomas doesn't work out, there are a plethora of other high-level prospects that the Pirates are in the mix with. 

As we know, the state of New Jersey is always home to some of the most talented high school programs in the country, which are loaded with elite players. By landing a commitment as resounding as Aquille Carr's, a new door could be opened to Seton Hall.

Could it be possible that local kids will want to stay close to home and suit up for games at the Prudential Center? 

With Aquille Carr, anything is possible.