Labeling Each NBA Team's Best Player from Weak to Elite

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Labeling Each NBA Team's Best Player from Weak to Elite

Every franchise has a player who they have felt at one point was the missing piece in their championship puzzle. However, after further review they are forced to come to the realization that they are not. When breaking down an NBA team it is much like breaking down a group of women you are dating.

You have your elite group of players, who you are certain to build your franchise around. These players have very few faults and you will spend 82 games—plus the playoffs—marveling at what they are capable of. This is similar to that special young lady who you are willing to marry. She does everything or what appears to be everything you have ever wanted, and you feel like nothing can separate you two.

Elite sometimes does not immediately translate into championships, but it always breeds excitement and wins. An elite player will make the magnificent look mundane. Elite takes a player from Comburhair, Montana and gives him Cali-swag or a Brooklyn-bop. There are only six truly elite players in the game today. These players cannot be stopped regardless of the day, defense or their opponents' determination. In short they do what they want when they want.

Then you have your group of All-Stars. Now with this group, reality eventually sets in and you realize there is no future in fronting. This group is good for a couple of wins and playoff runs, but you have to get better if championships are what you aspire for. Just like the young lady whose looks never seem to warrant the amount of attention she desires. Both the players and ladies are good, and possibly great at one or two things—but lack the necessary tools to build a strong future.

After these two groups is where the tragedies begin. The alright, but not real group is chuck-full of players who put up numbers but not wins. They tease you with what they could be and break your heart with what they are. This is the woman who you “meet” at the club or happy hour spot and have a great conversation with. About a week or so later after “dealing” with said young lady you realize why she is sssssooooooo single.

Lastly, is the “I’m straight” player. This is the player you would trade for a bottle of Jones Root Beer and a Honey Bun if you could. This group loses games. They alienate the fan base with their aloof play and single-handedly give meaning to the phrase: “It's cheaper to keep her." The removal of said player from the roster costs so much it becomes apparent it is just cheaper to keep him and get a nightly rendition of I'm a Loser by the Beatles. There is no need to divulge what type of woman this is, because we all know her and have spent "time" with her.

So here is a list of each team’s best player’s place on the Chart of Championship Dreams and Lottery Nightmares. This list consists of one player from each team's best player. So you know who is not going to be on this list because you know who not that team’s best player is.

Ladies and gents my thoughts beginning with your All-Stars:

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