UFC 142 Fight Card: What a Jose Aldo Win Means for the Featherweight Division

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UFC 142 Fight Card: What a Jose Aldo Win Means for the Featherweight Division

What would a Jose Aldo win mean for the featherweight division?

In a word—nothing.

Aldo still has meaningful fights at 145 that would keep Dana White and Joe Silva from looking at some sort of "superfight." However, what we may see is Aldo start to test the waters at 155 to see if he actually can compete against top-level guys in that division.

Similar to the way that Anderson Silva dipped his toe in the light heavyweight division over the years, Aldo can alternate between divisions with relative ease because of how easy he can cut weight. Naturally, Aldo is probably more accustomed to 155, so it would be interesting to see how he fares.

Though he still has meaningful fights, Aldo doesn't have any blockbuster type fights that would excite fans. Fans would get more of a kick out of seeing him move up and fight an Anthony Pettis, or dare I say it, Gray Maynard. If he were to venture in the heavier weight class, Aldo should fully expect to be thrown to the wolves from the jump.

A win for Aldo would probably have Dustin Poirier or Eric Koch in line for a shot at the belt. But because of the organization's reluctance for superfights, look for Aldo to test the waters in the lightweight division and work his way to a position where Silva and White have to give him a title shot in the lightweight division.

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