North Carolina vs. Florida State: What Shocking Upset Means for Both Programs

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJanuary 14, 2012

Florida State embarrassed North Carolina by a 90-57 score on Saturday. The Seminoles tend to find a way to play extremely well against Duke and North Carolina, especially at Donald L. Tucker Center in Tallahassee.

On Saturday against the No. 3 team in the country, they repeated their past success in a big way.

What does this result do for both teams going forward in the ACC? Does North Carolina fade? Does Florida State take off?

The Tar Heels will be fine after this embarrassing loss on the road. It’s tough to go on the road in the ACC and find success especially against Florida State. It's even more difficult when the effort level is not where it needs to be.

They should be fine, though.

We were hearing the same things after their loss to UNLV in November. All the Tar Heels did was run off 10 of 11.

Are there areas of concern? Of course. Every team in college hoops has an Achilles' heel or two, and North Carolina has struggled with defense among other areas. Florida State put up 70 points with more than 10 minutes left of the game. It was a mix of great shooting and lousy defense.

The Tar Heels’ defense was nonexistent for stretches of the game, turnovers were an issue and their shooting percentage was poor.

It’s almost like North Carolina expects it to be a cakewalk every time they touch the floor. They can’t act that way because the upset is what makes college basketball special. They didn't show any energy whatsoever, and that's got to come down on Roy Williams.

Williams needs to have his team better prepared effort wise in the future.

How about Florida State?

They always seem to give teams trouble, especially at home. The Seminoles deserve a ton of credit for doing what they do best against one of the best teams in the country and that’s play lock-down defense.

With this victory Florida State moves to 11-6 and 2-1 in the conference. Every quality team the Seminoles played this year saw the same result and that’s a loss. This win garners them a resume-building victory that the committee can look back on if they are on the bubble. There won’t be many opportunities for Florida State to have wins like this so it was paramount that they wrapped this one up.

The ACC is begging to have another team that is capable of making the NCAA tournament. North Carolina, Duke and Virginia as the lone representatives won’t look great. Another team needs to step up. North Carolina State, Maryland and now Florida State have the best opportunity to make their claim.

Florida State took a step in the direction of the NCAA tournament with their blowout victory of North Carolina on Saturday.

If the Tar Heels plan on winning a championship, they have to play at a higher level than what they showed on Saturday. It's unacceptable.