Heather Cox Video: ESPN Reporter Awkwardly Quotes Rick Ross' Tim Tebow Lyrics

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2012

Anytime you combine Tim Tebow, Rick Ross, LeBron James and a super white reporter, you are bound to encounter some disastrous results.

First off, let me point out that ESPN sideline reporter Heather Cox does a great job of bringing fans and viewers the latest updates from all of our favorite sporting events, but Friday night in Denver she may have gone too far. 

Cox was in the process of informing viewers about LeBron James' pregame music selection when she delivered an awkward Rick Ross verse about Tim Tebow, performing it as if she were a second grade teacher speaking to her class.

Cox starts rhyme dropping at the 38-second mark of the video and continues for the most questionable nine seconds of hip-hop you're likely to experience in your lifetime.

It is somewhat odd, however, that LeBron of all superstar athletes is becoming the biggest Tebow supporter. It's almost as if King James is admitting his fourth quarter deficiencies to the world.

Luckily for LeBron though, Heather Cox was at Friday night's Heat vs. Nuggets game and effectively took any and all attention off of Miami's less than stellar performance. 

The Heat fell 117-104, suffering their third consecutive loss overall and 10th-straight at Denver. 


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