Will the Seattle Seahawks Make Another Mistake With Their First Pick?

lonnie swansonContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Well, it is pretty clear what most fans would like Seattle to do with there first round pick—Mr. Crabtree. I might disagree with this but I might agree. I think that Seattle fans are so intrigued by Crabtree's play (as am I ) that they tend to forget Seattle's real needs, PROTECTION!

Why was it that Seattle had a dismal season? Injuries—KEY injuries. You can lose an OL and pick yourself back up, you can lose a receiver and fill in the void but when you lose a starting pro bowl quarterback, you have got to wonder how the team would have done with him compared to without him.

Now, in Seattle's case, they lost ALL of there starters on the line at one point, they lost all of there starters at wide receiver at one point. So this was one exceptional season when it came to injuries,,,, on offense.  BUT, what about the defense?  They brought back all 11 starters and with a few injuries here and there throughout the season they were still the same defense from the '07-'08 season.

PEOPLE, there is your problem!

This is a defense, that despite injuries on offense, should have been able to keep the offense in the game for the most part all season, and make the playoffs. The secondary is an absolute mess. Russell, Jennings, and Wilson are Tier Two, if not tier three players. Grant is not excellent, but he is a starter. Trufant is still Trufant (pro bowl material ). 

So, the No. 4 pick in the draft needs to go to a cornerback or safety. I know everyone is saying, DUMB, but there are two picks out there that WILL be immidiate starters.

Here is my draft order:  RD 1 - Taylor Mays, USC, - RD 2 - Shonn Green, IOWA, - RD 3 - Phil Loadholt, OU, - RD 4 -Juaquin Iglesias, OU, - RD 4 - Trevor Canfield, Cincy, - RD 6 -Rett Bomar, Sam Houston St., - RD 7 - Marcus Freeman, OSU. 

Of course, this is if they are there but this will address all there needs they cannot address in free agency. Oh, and by the way, when I said PROTECTION at the top, I meant that the Defense needs to protect their goalline and stop letting people score all the time. Remember the Ravens D that one the super bowl?