WWE Curt Hawkins: The Case of the Always Overlooked Man

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2012

WWE Curt Hawkins: The Case of the Always Overlooked Man

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    There are a lot of stars in the WWE. Not all of them can succeed. It just is the way it is. Some guys rise to the top. Others never find their calling.

    Most of those stars are given a small chance or even a few small chances, and when they fail to get over, they're released.

    Sounds simple enough, but it doesn't always work out like that. Sometimes that small opportunity is demolished before gets a chance to get off the ground. Sometimes that star who the company knows is talented is left to tread hot water on his own where no one seems to know how to use him.

    For many the primary example of this might have been Drew McIntyre or Tyson Kidd. Maybe Yoshi Tatsu or Trent Barreta. For me, that one star who has continually shown promise yet been completely derailed by lack of creative insight is Curt Hawkins.

    The saddest part of the whole thing? Some readers might not even know who that is. Other than know getting his minute of fame by being the first jobber to job to the Funkasaurus, Hawkins has been largely absent from WWE's main programs.

    He can largely, at this point, be considered a Superstars and NXT wrestler. Only there does he ever get matches even storylines sometimes.

    So what does he need to do to change all of this? OK, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just start at the beginning.

Hawkins: The History

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    Hawkins came into the WWE as Brian Major, one half of the tag team brothers: the Major Brothers. He alongside tag team partner Brett Major were a fine if forgettable tag team. They only really found their stride when they went to Edge, the soon-to-be Hall of Famer, for help.

    The two were inserted into what would become Edge's La Familia as the Edgeheads. It was at that time that Hawkins was given the name he now has. The two would go on and win tag team gold, the only championship of Hawkin's career to this point.

    The team was finding their stride as champions when the Supplemental Draft would send Hawkins' partner to ECW which was at the time a WWE brand. His story doesn't really matter. He got some silly gimmick about spiking his hair and spray tan. I'm sure it failed eventually.

    Hawkins would stay on the roster though all he would get were two makeshift tag team opportunities. First, he tagged with Vance Archer. The two would tag fight for a roster spot on SmackDown eventually gaining though they almost immediately disappeared.

    Before they could even get off the ground, the WWE booked the two to turn on each other. They fought for a few weeks then Archer was released.

    Then after a brief tease of re-pairing with his former Edgehead partner (can't understand why), Hawkins would be paired up with Tyler Reks, but nobody seems to know the tag team even exists because they basically just wrestle on NXT and Superstars in a feud with the Usos that nobody knows is happening.

Why Should Anyone Care?

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    So... why should anyone care about Curt Hawkins?

    First, a wrestler can live and die based upon their build and look. Hawkins looks like a young Shawn Michaels. He even has that classic cockiness that the "Showstopper" used to exude. That makes him an interesting proposition that could easily fit as a heel.

    Now, of course, when I say he looks like Michaels, I am not saying that he can perform like Michaels. Nobody can. But, Hawkins is not a slouch in the ring. For those who have seen him perform, Hawkins is an agile competitor who can sell and perform with great quickness when necessary.

    His mic skills make him probably one of the most underrated star in the business as he just seems at ease. Sometimes his tone and delivery are flawed, but he has sheer confidence. It makes his charisma shine through.

    In fact according to a very reliable source (aka me), he was the third most talented low card wrestler in WWE earlier this year. (Shameless plug No. 1.)

    With all this in mind, why wouldn't Hawkins be given a chance? Maybe because creative has no idea what to do with him. Not surprising, it is their favorite line to say that they have nothing for a star as an excuse to release them, isn't it?

    Well, the truth of the matter is when you have the look and the talent, there is always a way to get that star onto the roster. It just might take a little bit more work than WWE usually likes to do.

Scenario One: Harken to the Past

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    For Hawkins, his ready made feud is with that former tag team partner of his. I know, I know, the gimmick seemed ridiculous to me too. I thought he was released, but then I looked back and realized not only was he not released, but the guy was US Champion.

    Wow, wow, wow, I wouldn't be saying that a jobber like Hawkins should immediately be put in a mid card feud for a title. Well, actually... yeah I am.

    Think about it: the US Champion has how many challengers right now? One in Jack Swagger? Didn't the champion beat Swagger in less than a minute just about three weeks or so before he won the title. I mean that doesn't exactly bode well for Swagger's chances going forward.

    Hawkins and the champion have a ready made feud harkening back to their tag team days. Hawkins plays a classic heel role which would fit perfectly with Ryder's more goofy face character.

    The two would mesh, and Hawkins could get a rub for air, ring, and mic time.

    In fact, as friends in real life, I could see these two really putting on a show to put this big chance over.

    Think Edge and Christian only less seasoned and intense but just as heartfelt and impassioned (hopefully).

Scenario Two: Tag Team Division Redemption

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    If that doesn't appeal to WWE, their tag team division could be boosted by Hawkins with his third partner Tyler Reks. They are a more classic heel tag team with the monster and the mastermind which could almost use more emphasis.

    They may not have credibility, but they are a young team with more natural ability to shine than the sudden number one contenders of Primo and Epico.

    With a lack of real competitors in the division, you would think this would have already happened, but WWE has seen fit to more or less ignore the division.

    As I wrote about on Friday (shameless plug No. 2), the division needs new stars. Air Boom is a good tag team. It may seem to be thrown together, but both men have grown into their roles. Everyone else that has faced them seems to be a step down.

    No one has truly created a threat against the tag team champions. Hawkins and Reks can do that.

    Imagine one night that Air Boom is calling out anyone to face them as they did recently on WWE.com. Suddenly, the cocky and confident duo of Hawkins and Reks hit the ring attacking the duo from behind. They follow up by introducing themselves to the WWE fans.

    Week after week, they interrupt and disrupt the tag team champions until they finally get a shot. They could get singles wins over the champions and then get a big break with a hard fought match on pay-per-view.

    That would make things interesting and unpredictable for the division which is not something that has been said lately for the division.

Scenario Three: Develop New Persona

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    Some that actually have followed Hawkins during his time in the little leagues of WWE would say that Hawkins is too nondescript. Just another heel in a sea of the same old stars.

    Personally, I think that Hawkins has a unique thing going for him that he excels at with a cocky gimmick. He carries a cane with him to the ring as his foreign object which helps give him more distinctiveness.

    What character change though could better help him stand out?

    There are a lack of character heels in WWE. Ones who play to a mantra. When I look at Hawkins, I think of Edge who had his Ultimate Opportunist gimmick. At the same time, I think of Shawn Michaels with his brash confidence and his "sexy boy" gimmick.

    While the Ultimate Opportunist idea is played out far too often lately, that idea of playing the cool and confident heel is less seen. I'm not talking about the Miz with his suits or Del Rio with his cars.

    I am talking about playing the cool card. Coming out with swagger with clothing that is "in". Sunglasses and a jacket of sorts helps. Also, it would be good for him to have a valet.

    Perhaps having Eve turn heel (which could tie into the feud between Hawkins and his former tag team partner). Kaitlyn could also fit especially with her lack of direction at the moment.

    So the "sexy boy" gimmick return in a more modern context with a valet by his side.

    It could certainly work if WWE wanted to see if Hawkins could handle the more refined gimmick which he almost certainly could.


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    If you have made this far, I have to thank you. You just made it through a seven slide article about a guy who will probably sooner be released than given a chance. A guy that more or less just survives in the company to help the WWE's lower programming survive and lose to rising stars.

    In other words, congratulations on taking up a few minutes of your time reading about a jobber. I really do appreciate it.

    Now, does Hawkins deserve a shot in WWE? I can't understand why not. He is more entertaining than guys like Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson who recently got pushes. He has been with the company longer than many of the guys who WWE clings to in a desperate attempt to rebuild their mid card.

    What does he really need to do to get there? Really nothing. He just has to convince creative that he is worthy of his job, so they will push him forward and give him real credibility for the time in a couple years.

    When he gets that shot, will Creative change things for him to make him stand out more? Will they give him a feud with the US Champion? The tag team champions? Give him a new gimmick to work with?

    Well, probably not, but it is nice to think they might.

    In the end, this is just one fan ranting and raving about one star never being pushed while he is given tons of other stars that he should be happy watching. Trust me I am. I just like to see talent shine through, and, when a charismatic four year veteran is being ignored, it is a sad reality that I hate to face.

    But who knows? Perhaps he can pull a Zack Ryder (apparently this one guy who started a YouTube show and didn't get released even got pushed to become US Champion) and pull out onto WWE's radar. If he does, I demand all of the credit.

    Thanks for reading!

    Comment on anything from Hawkins is a noob jobber who doesn't even deserve to be written about to why I should have said the name of his former tag team partner because there is probably one person out there who couldn't figure it out.

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