2012 NFL Draft: Should the Seattle Seahawks Consider Drafting Chris Polk?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIJanuary 13, 2012

The Seahawks have a lot of questions this off-season and one of the bigger issues is the future of the running back position. 

If for some reason the Seahawks decide not to bring back Marshawn Lynch, then who is the starting running back?  Leon Washington?  Justin Forsett?  C'mon, these aren't NFL-caliber starting running backs.

The Hawks are in a good position right now. They don't have a whole lot of needs in this year's draft, leaving them a little wiggle room to operate.

In last year's draft, the Seahawks were very interested in Jake Locker, should he somehow fall to the 25th spot.  It would have been a fairy tale beginning to a career, going from Washington University to the Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately, that did not happen, but a similar story is starting to build.

Would you want the Seahawks to draft Chris Polk if Lynch decided to depart via free agency?  He is projected to go in the second round on most boards, so it's not like the Seahawks would be using their No. 12 overall pick to get him.

Even if we did re-sign Lynch, I still think it would be a good idea to draft Polk.

Plus, wouldn't it be great to see Lynch and Polk as a 1-2 punch?  Two of Seattle's most beloved sports figures on one field on the home team.

Forsett would likely move to third string running back, maybe even sharing some carries with Washington, and Washington would become almost a return specialist, a role he is better at, anyway.

It all makes sense.

Polk has a similar running style to Lynch, but also has the ability to play the scat-back role and 3rd down back.  He also has good hands for receiving, something that Lynch isn't exactly known for.

If we did lose Lynch, I'm sure Polk could be one of those backs that slides right into the starting role from his rookie year, he is that NFL-ready.

Drafting a defensive end, then drafting Polk in the second, then a mid-round quarterback like Ryan Tannehill sounds like a perfect draft strategy to me.

What do you guys want to see?