College Football Recruiting: Ranking the Best & Worst Celebrity Recruits

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2012

Recruiting may not be an exact science, but I’m told genetics is. If you have a 6’6" 335-pound professional athlete as a parent you can probably count on a few pretty massive growth spurts in your teens. Being the son of a professional athlete does not guarantee you athletic ability, but it sure as hell helps your chances.

The college football recruiting class of 2012 is a little more star-studded than usual. No fewer than 10 legitimate Division 1 prospects are the offspring of former elite athletes.

That said, it is nearly impossible to project how any 17-year-old kid will deal with the unbelievable amount of dedication and work it takes to become an elite Division I football player.

Sometimes even the best of the "can’t-miss" prospects flame out before they become stars (see: Mitch Mustain). Some of these famous recruits will meet or even exceed their parents success; some will fall woefully short.

Here’s where I tell you who will be heroes and who will be zeros.


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