Josh's Thoughts on This Week in Sports

Josh RosenbergCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Throughout the entire college football season I have had numerous thoughts and ideas about college football and other sports.  However, because of school I have had little time to write. Also many of these ideas aren't long enough to be written as a real article.

Now, I have finally found a solution.  To start off the New Year, I will be writing a weekly article featuring my thoughts and ideas about different sports.  I hope you all enjoy them.

I am predicting the Super bowl to be Panthers vs. Ravens.

Here are some other matchups that I would like to see:

Eagles vs. Chargers

Four weeks ago nobody could guess that these two teams would even make the playoffs, with the exception of their loyal fans.  Now both teams made the playoffs with last-week-of-the-season upsets.  The Chargers made the playoffs with a losing record in the horrid AFC West while the Eagles demolished the Cowboys 42-3 to win the wild card. 

The Comebacks Bowl: Featuring the Eagles' injury prone running back Brian Westbrook and the Chargers' injury prone running back Ladanian Tomlinson.

Cardinals vs. Titans

The Cardinals' 37 year old Kurt Warner and his aerial attack featuring Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston face off against the Titans 36 year old Kerry Collins ground attack featuring Lendale White and Chris Johnson in the Battle of the Old Guys.

Giants vs. Colts

Eli and Peyton. Now this is what sibling rivalry is about.  Who will their parents root for in this brother vs. brother Super Bowl?  Recently the big game has been dominated by the Mannnings. The Manning brother whose team wins gets double Christmas presents and the title of "Archie's favorite son."

Speaking of Archie Manning, his and Eli's alma mater No. 20 Ole Miss upset No. 8 Texas Tech 47-34.  Did I not say that Ole Miss is a lot better of a team than their record shows in my last article (

How about my other controversial playoff pick?  Rutgers University the team that started 1-5 and turned their season around to finish 7-5 and ended it 63-14 blowout over Louisville.  They won their third straight bowl game and beat N.C State 29-23, another second-half-of-the-season-turnaround team that won its last four games straight.

We can see now that Ole Miss and Rutgers are for real.  Too bad there's no playoff.

Now that we've gotten into College Football, how about those Utah Utes?  Do they know how to seize an opportunity.  Taking advantage of Alabama's suspension of All American LT Andre Smith, they sacked Senior quarterback John Parker Wilson eight times.  They also were able to hold star running back Glen Coffee to only 36 yards.

Then there's the USC Trojans who also won convincingly against a one loss team.  Their victim was Penn State.

The Nittany Lions and Joe Paterno didn't play like they were supposed to and it showed on the scoreboard and in Paterno's box, where Joe Pa sat with the famous Paterno scowl when USC scored it's first touchdown.  His face stayed in that scowl throughout the entire 38-17 blowout and probably won't go away until the Nits' win their first game next year.  Don't be suprised if it gets stuck and never changes again.

These two teams proved that they deserved to be in the BCS title game and this year more than ever is proof that a playoff needs to replace the BCS Bowls.  How can someone not say that a 13-0 team that won its conference and beat a No. 4 ranked 12-1 team shouldn't be deserving of a national championship?

Going back to the NFL for a moment, Bill Parcells apparently can opt out of his contract this year if he wants to.  I'm thinking that he should go to the Lions and turn them into next year's NFC North champions.

It is January of 2010.  The new Detroit Lions (Miami Dolphins) are led by quarterback Rex Grossman (Chad Pennington), who was discarded by the Bears in place of an older and better quarterback Kurt Warner (Brett Favre) who retired at the end of the previous season and then came out of retirement.  

Rex Grossman is named Comeback Player of the Year.  The Lions will then proceed to lose in the first round of the playoffs to the New Orleans Saints (The Ravens).

Remember this name that I am about to tell you.  Kenny Britt.  He is (was) a wide receiver for Rutgers University.  He is a Junior and announced that he will go to the NFL draft this year.  In only three seasons he broke almost every receiving record at Rutgers and had 1342 receiving yards and six touchdowns this season.

Britt is 6-5, has power, and has NFL speed.  He'll probably get drafted by the Dolphins or the Titans.  He's a Terrell Owens/Plaxico Burress type.  You'll see his greatness soon enough.

Next Week's NFL picks: Eagles over the Giants, Panthers over the Cardinals, Ravens over the Titans, and Chargers over the Steelers but only if Ladanian Tomlinson is healthy.

Did anyone realize that Philadelphia could be this year's Titletown? Last year Boston was Titletown.  The Celtics were NBA champs, the Patriots went 16-0 and then lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl, and the Red Sox won the World Series.

Well, this year the Philadelphia Phillies already won the World Series and the Eagles just beat the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the NFL playoffs.  Philadelphia even has the Philadelphia Soul, the Arena Football League Champs.

The 76ers were supposed to be a very good team this year that could even give the Celtics a run for their money.  Now I guess that won't happen but hey, anything is possible.

So that was an idea of what was going on in my brain this week in sports.  Look for my articles every week from now on (except for next week because I have high school midterms).  Thanks for reading!