The 20 Best Blink-and-You-Miss-It Moments in Sports

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJanuary 23, 2012

The 20 Best Blink-and-You-Miss-It Moments in Sports

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    Pitchers can hurl baseballs up to 105 mph.

    A slap shot can send a puck flying at 90 mph.

    Football players can sprint 40 yards in under 5 seconds.

    An F1 car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 2 seconds.

    Part of the excitement of sports is the speed. But it's part of the frustration too; so much can be missed in the blink of an eye.

    Luckily the advent of video recording technology can bring some of the lost moments back.

    Here for you now, are the 20 sexiest, wackiest, most hilarious blink-and-you-miss-it moments in sports.

20. Hot Girl Vanishes

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    What You Were Seeing: Two smokin' hot fans behind the color commentators' table.

    One of the hotties leaned forward to wave to a friend.


    What You Saw Next: Hottie with the cleavage sitting alone.

    Was the second hottie snatched up by the tractor beam of an alien spacecraft?

    What You Missed: A humiliating seat fail.

19. Sanchez Wipes a Boogie

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    What You Were Seeing: Sanchez bundled up on the sidelines during a the January 2011 AFC Championship game against the Steelers. 

    He reached up toward his nose with a couple of fingers.


    What You Saw Next: Sanchez acting casual, couple of fingers loitering about his nostrils, as if he just gave his nose a tweak. 

    What You Missed: Sanchez came up with a winner and shared it with backup QB Mark Brunell.

18. Seattle Mist: Full Moon

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    Gentlemen, DON'T EVER BLINK during lingerie football.

    (But in case you did, keep your eye on the lovely No. 7.)

17. Dirk Nowitzki Exterminates

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    What You Were Seeing: Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks hunched over at the press table. His Sasquatch arms folded in front of him. He was reading from a written statement.

    Something on the table caught his eye.


    What You Saw Next: Nowitzki smiling as if he just won first prize in a kindergarten finger-painting contest.

    What You Missed: The sudden and tragic death of an antennaed little fellow, followed by the irreverent flicking of its crushed chitinous exo-skeleton.

16. Kobe Grabs a Handful of Nuts

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    What You Were Seeing: Kobe driving the ball down court, fending off Mikael Pietrus of Orlando.

    Kobe utilized a block from teammate, Pau Gasol, pivoting around him.


    What You Saw Next: Kobe, having eluded Pietrus, moving on to the address the next defender.

    What You Missed: Kobe grabbed a handful of Spanish peanuts.

15. Torrey Smith Vanishes

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    What You Were Seeing: Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens turning on the charm as he faced the camera during the shooting of a video in Owings Mills, Md. It was Saturday, Aug. 23, 2011. The time was 1:51 p.m.

    Smith delivered his line, paused and seemed to be waiting for direction.


    What You Saw Next: An empty field.

    Another victim of an alien kidnapping?

    What You Missed: A cartoonish pivot, a flash of Smith's profile, and then a sprint off to camera right.

    The source of his terror? A 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

14. Ref Has a New Breast Friend

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    What You Were Seeing: German defensive midfielder Peter Niemeyer, walking backwards, intently watching the game play down field. Beside him was referee Bibiana Steinhaus, who was also focused on the play down field.


    What You Saw Next: Steinhaus cupping her breast—half-leering, half-smiling at Niemeyer.

    What You missed: Niemeyer got to second base.

    The player later apologized saying he missed his target; he was going for a pat on the back.

    I tried that line back in high school. Didn't work out for me.

13. Kim Clijsters' Telekinesis

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    What You Were Seeing: Clijsters returning Aranxta Rus's serve. Looking like a lousy shot. Heading, across the singles line and out of bounds.  


    What You Saw Next: Clijsters smiling and shrugging in apology. But apologizing for what, you wonder.

    What You Missed: Clijsters using mind control to bring her wayward shot down on the net.

    But wait! The ball was still heading out.

    Another blast of mind energy.

    The ball bounced off the net post and then dropped nicely in bounds.

12. Nick Novak Pees

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    What You Were Seeing: Nick Novak, kicker for the San Diego Chargers, talking strategy with head coach Norv Turner.

    It was an overtime game against the Broncos in November 2011. The Chargers offense was driving the ball down field.

    Novak knew the winning moment might be in his hands (er, foot).

    He strode over to the Gatorade coolers and knelt down. Feeling a bit parched, Nick? 


    What You Saw Next: Novak stood up, no Gatorade cup in his hand. Not thirsty after all, Nick?

    What You Missed: Some athletes get so nervous they puke.

    Novak, well, he kept his food down, but had to "undrink." And there was no time to hit the locker room.

    Despite the relief he publicly provided himself, he missed the field goal kick and the Chargers lost.

11. Jerome Simpson's Flip-Down

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    What You Were Seeing: Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson caught a pass on the 18-yard line and was bolting for the end zone.

    Uh-oh, two Cardinals defenders were blocking the way to the the land of milk and honey. Looks like Simpson would be taken down on the 2-yard line.


    What You Saw Next: Simpson doing a celebration dance.

    What You Missed: Simpson entered the Matrix and freed his mind.

10. Lingerie Football QB De-Pants-Ed

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    What You Were Seeing: Chicago Bliss quarterback Ellie Cartabiano tries to avoid the pass-rush

    Miami Caliente's Annette Mascaro reaches out for the sack.


    What You Saw Next: Cartabiano is on the ground, refs and players around her.

    Was she hurt?

    What You Missed: Gentlemen, NEVER BLINK during an LFL game.

    (But in case you did, I got you covered. Here is an engaging still photo.)

9. Tommy Kelly Drops Trou

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    What You Were Seeing: In a key play, Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly struggles to bring down Knowshon Moreno of the Broncos. 

    Moreno goes down in a small pile-up.


    What You Saw Next: Kelly gets pats on the back and smiles from teammates. For a job well done?

    What You Missed: Kelly's striptease.

8. Maradona's Hand of God Goal

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    What You Were Seeing: Bitter rivals Argentina and England playing each other in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals. 

    England's left mid-fielder Steve Hodge tries to clear the ball but instead lofts it up towards the penalty area in front of the British goal.

    Diego Maradona of Argentina leaps up, neck craned.


    What You Saw Next: Goooooooooooaaal! Argentina!

    What You Missed: The Hand of God at work.

    But then again, you might have missed this one even if you hadn't blinked.

    The ref did.

7. Jim Grey's Mad Mic Swat

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    What You Were Seeing: NBC sportscaster Jim Gray interviewing Mike Bobby court side. He held up his mic, asked a question. An NBC crew worker though he'd help out with the sound and held up a mic for Bibby to answer into.


    What You Saw Next: The second mic gone and Gray looking peeved. 

    Did the extra mic drop?

    What You Missed: A crazed Gray claw away the extra mic like a creature from a horror film.

6. Dirk Nowitzki Covers Jose Barea

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    What You Were Seeing: Dirk Nowitzki on the sideline, peeling off a sweatshirt.

    Beside him, teammate Jose Barea was stretching. 


    What You Saw Next: Barea shaking Nowitzki's garment off his head. 

    Had there been a sudden gust of wind in the stadium? 

    What You Missed: Nowitzki picking on the little guy.

5. Pole Vaulter Damages the Package

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    What You Were Seeing: An Olympic pole vaulter making his approach. He placed the pole, sprang up.

    -YOU BLINKED- (and probably for the better with this one)

    What You Saw Next: The vaulter on the mat, rolling in excruciating pain.

    What You Missed: That horror of horrors, the rupturing of a nut.

4. Nolan Carroll's Fall

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    What You Were Seeing: Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carrol running down the sideline while covering a punt.

    Sal Alosi, the Jets strength and conditioning coach, was watching Carrol approach.


    What You Saw Next: Carrol grazing on turf.

    What You Missed: "A total lapse in judgment."

3. Ben Eager Gets Boobed

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    What You Were Seeing: San Jose Shark left wing Ben Eager sitting quietly in the penalty box.

    A cute Canucks fan approached to watch him through the glass.


    What You Saw Next: Eager sitting quietly in the penalty box.

    What You Missed: BOOBIES!

2. Wes Johnson, Kevin Love Bizzaro Handshake

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    What You Were Seeing: After being fouled, Kevin Love was moving to the free throw line.

    Teammate Wes Johnson offers up some daps. But Love is out of reach.


    What You Saw Next: Love next to Johnson taking him up on that handshake.

    What You Missed: Johnson's Jedi mind trick.

1. Gillian Cooke's Spandex Split

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    What You Were Seeing: British bobsleigh teammates Gillian Cooke and Nicola Minichiello preparing for their run at a 2010 championship in St. Moritz, Switzerland

    Cooke slides the sleigh forward, testing the ice grooves.


    What You Saw Next: An odd seam up the rear of Cooke's spandex.

    What You Missed: The greatest Olympic wardrobe malfunction in history.