Top 25 Goals of the First Half of the English Premier League Season

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIJanuary 14, 2012

Top 25 Goals of the First Half of the English Premier League Season

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    We are past the halfway mark in the English Premier League season and there have been a good number of quality goals.

    Both Manchester clubs are leading the way in goals scored as Manchester City have 56 and Manchester United have 49.

    On the other end of the spectrum, QPR has only scored 19 goals while Wigan has the lowest total in the league with 18.

    With so many top players on display weekly there are bound to be breathtaking goals of every variety. Unfortunately some of these goals are not easily found on YouTube but there are links available in those cases.

    Here are the top 25 goals from the first half of the EPL season. Feel free to add your preferences in the comments.

Sebastian Larsson vs. Liverpool

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    The goal in question starts at the 0:40 mark. Really great technique from the Swede and a fantastic finish.

    You can't score many better debut goals than that.

Gary Cahill vs. QPR

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Gary Cahill shows some really good technique and scores a goal many strikers would be proud of. He picks up the ball outside the 18 and scores a nice curler into the top corner.

Sergio Aguero vs. Swansea City

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    Sergio Aguero unleashes a rocket of a shot on his Premier League debut leaving the Swansea goalkeeper with no chance.

    He has continued to bang in the goals since, as have the majority of Manchester City players.

Ryan Taylor vs. Sunderland

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    A great free-kick by Ryan Taylor from a pretty tough angle. He definitely meant to go for goal and he put the ball way out of the keepers reach for an exquisite finish.

Gabriel Agbonlahor vs. Blackburn

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Gabriel Agbonlahor shows some pretty nifty footwork and then curves a very accurate shot into the back of the net.

Anderson vs. Tottenham

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Anderson's goal comes on the back of some good build up play and an especially fantastic assist from Danny Welbeck. He finishes off the move emphatically.

Franco Di Santo vs. QPR

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    Franco Di Santo's first touch probably should have been better. Or it could have been what he wanted. Who knows except him?

    The finish required great technique, accuracy and control. There was no doubt where it was headed once he hit it.

Jose Bosingwa vs. Norwich City

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Defenders, especially full-backs, have a knack for scoring some great long-range goals. Bosingwa joins that list with a great effort from outside the box.

    He started the move from inside his own half and finished it with great skill.

Edin Dzeko vs. Tottenham

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Edin Dzeko made things look easy with four goals against Tottenham and he saved his best for last.

    After a one-two with Gareth Barry, Dzeko effortlessly guided the ball into the far top corner with the requisite pace and power needed. A fine finish.

Ashley Young vs. Arsenal

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    There were 10 goals in this game, but Ashley Young had the pick of the litter.

    A quick shimmy to get some space and a magnificent curling shot from outside the box. A great goal from Ashley Young.

Luka Modric vs. Liverpool

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Long-range goals have made a showing on this list so far and that continues with Luka Modric's screamer against Liverpool.

    This goal was a one time finish from outside the box that hit with extreme power and accuracy.

Nani vs. Chelsea

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Nani goes on a run from inside the Chelsea half and gets past his defender, Juan Mata, and rifles a shot into the top of the net. Petr Cech had no chance

Steven Reid vs. Wigan

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    Steven Reid is an unlikely source for a great free-kick goal but he did just that against Wigan. Reid got the ball over the wall and down enough to say just under the bar and away from the keeper.

    The free-kick was extremely well-struck and Ali Al-Habsi, a pretty solid shot stopper on his day, had no chance.

David Vaughan vs. Blackburn

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    Here is a link to the goal. It begins at the 1:35 mark.

    David Vaughan unleashed an absolutely unstoppable left-footed drive from outside the 18-yard box that rocked the back of the net. It was hit first-time and on the half-volley. A great goal.

Sebastian Larsson vs. Arsenal

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    Sebastian Larsson scores the pick of all the free-kicks on this list.

    He was a good distance away from goal and put a great amount of curve and power into the shot that kept it out of Wojciech Szczesny's reach.

Robin Van Persie vs. Everton

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    Brilliant, brilliant goal by Robin van Persie here. He gave both Tim Howard and his defender no chance and hit a shot that is evidence of his great technique.

Glen Johnson vs. Chelsea

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Glen Johnson has scored some pretty good goals for a full-back and he adds to that list here. With a nice touch, a good move to beat Ashley Cole and a run and finish that showed great composure, Johnson scored a pretty good game-winning goal.

Robin Van Persie vs. Norwich City

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Robin van Persie scores a very well executed chip from close range and with his weaker foot.

Stephen Ward vs. Blackburn

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    Stephen Ward hits a well-struck first-time volley that settles right into the bottom corner.

Stylian Petrov vs. Aston Villa

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    Stylian Petrov's long-range curler doesn't end up in the top corner as with most long range goals. This one glides into the bottom corner.

    It required some great curve to be able to get the ball in from that position and it had some good pace on it too.

Daniel Sturridge vs. Sunderland

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    This is a cheeky, cheeky back-heel from Daniel Sturridge. He got a little lucky that Wes Brown couldn't get there but he gets tons of points for his creativity alone.

Mario Balotelli vs. Aston Villa

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    Mario Balotelli scores a pretty good goal here. Quick thinking and creativity come into play here and the finish is emphatic in the end.

Robin Van Persie vs. Sunderland

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    Robin van Persie has scored some great goals so far this season so it's no surprise to see him here again.

    This free-kick is very accurate and it is another match-winner for the Dutch man. Great technique.

James Milner vs. Aston Villa

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    Here is a link to the goal.

    James Milner starts off this move and finishes it with a sweet first-time finish from outside the box.

Wayne Rooney vs. Arsenal

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    Here is a link to the goal. The goal is at the 1:10 mark in the video.

    Wojciech Szczesny had a chance at Wayne Rooney's first free-kick in the game but he had no chance at the second. The shot is excellently placed and goes up and over the wall with maximum efficiency.