The 10 Worst Arenas in the NHL

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent IJanuary 13, 2012

The 10 Worst Arenas in the NHL

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    The NHL, like any other sport, has its share of terrible arenas that make the experience of seeing a game worse than it needs to be.

    Whether it's the lack of modern conveniences for old buildings, or the climate is too warm and the ice surface isn't that good, watching your team in a terrible arena every night can get frustrating.

    Let's look at the 10 worst arenas in the NHL. Arena, Phoenix Coyotes

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    The city of Phoenix shouldn't even have an NHL team with the terrible amount of fans they draw each game, but it also doesn't help they have a poor arena.

    Due to the fact they play in a very warm Arizona climate, the ice is often terrible and pucks don't glide across the ice as well as they should.

    The Coyotes have had some playoff teams in recent seasons, but they still have done nothing with their arena to make fans more compelled to attend games.

Bridgestone Center, Nashville Predators

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    The Bridgestone Center in Nashville has enjoyed some good hockey over the years thanks to the Predators, but the environment is really bad.

    It's clearly not a hockey city, and the building itself lacks character. It's not an old building, but it's still one that leaves you wanting more after you leave a game.

St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa Bay Lightning

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    For an arena in a beautiful location, the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay doesn't have the necessary feel that a hockey arena needs to have.

    The entrance is weak and unappealing, the concourse is nothing special with few things to do before games, and there's little reminding fans that they are Florida's best NHL team ever.

    There is so much more the Lightning could do to make this building awesome.

TD Garden, Boston Bruins

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    The location of TD Garden in Boston is not that great, mainly because in order to find a place to park near it, you must travel through annoying one-ways and terrible traffic.

    It's also right off an expressway, which causes a ton of traffic when people leaving work combine with people trying to get to the game.

    The Garden is also on top of a commuter rail station which means you have to travel up numerous escalators and stairs just to find your seats, which is confusing if you've never been there before.

    However, the atmosphere and history of the building is awesome.

Rexall Place, Edmonton Oilers

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    For a building in a city that has seen so much hockey success, other than some championship and retired banners, there isn't much to remind hockey fans who don't know the history of the Edmonton Oilers that they are a very successful NHL franchise.

    Rexall Place doesn't have much around it either, and the actual building is old (built in 1974, renovated in 1994).

BankAtlantic Center, Florida Panthers

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    The BankAtlantic Center isn't a terrible NHL arena, but the fact that the Florida Panthers have been awful for most of their existence doesn't help.

    The Panthers are playing very well this season, but attendance could be better. Attendance has been a major issue in years past as well.

    The arena is also terribly located, and it's a pain trying to get to it, especially when there is a lot of traffic or people going to the game.

Scotiabank Place, Ottawa Senators

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    Scotiabank Place in Ottawa will host the All-Star Game later this month, and while the arena itself isn't terrible, the location is not good.

    It's located west of Ottawa, with little access in terms of highways to get to the arena. The concourse is also pretty weak and lacks the excitement and overall feel that the better buildings in the league have.

Verizon Center, Washington Capitals

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    The Verizon Center doesn't have a lot of historical feeling to it, because the Washington Capitals and Wizards have not been championship teams throughout their existence.

    The building itself isn't too bad, but the concession stands are terrible and the food choices are boring.

RBC Center, Carolina Hurricanes

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    The RBC Center is very colorful and is well decorated (in terms of team colors, posters, banners, etc.), but the arena isn't near anything.

    It's located about 10-15 minutes away from Raleigh and isn't surrounded with much near it.

    Complaints about seating, specifically having no leg room, are among the negatives about the RBC Center. The expensive parking is an issue at RBC too.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New York Islanders

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    The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is probably the worst stadium/arena in professional sports. It is terribly outdated and really needs to be renovated, or torn down so the team can build a brand-new facility.

    The concourse is terrible, the atmosphere is weak, and it seems like this arena should be the home to a college team and not a professional one.

    The seats are bad, it lacks modern architectural aspects, and it just an all-around bad place to watch a game. It also doesn't help that the New York Islanders have been a non-factor in the playoff race for over a decade.