Super Bowl Picks: Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin GreenContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Okay, this is my third article, so don't go harsh on me here. This year, in my opinion, has been a hard year in the NFL

A lot of us are thankful that the Patriots are not in the playoffs. Well, and the Cowboys and the Chargers both were very disappointing.

So I have narrowed down both the AFC teams and the NFC teams to come to a final pick of who will be in the Super Bowl this year.

Some of you may not think this is accurate, but I think the Super Bowl will be between the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I'm making this prediction because: the Panthers have the great running game, so many offensive weapons, and a defense that keeps getting better and better!

Then on the other hand, the Steelers have the strongest defense in the NFL. Think about it!