Fantasy Baseball Radio Recap, Episode Three: Closers

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Fantasy Baseball Radio Recap, Episode Three: Closers

Recipe to Successfully Drafting Closers

1. Acquire one stud closer
  • In the fifth round or later, jump on any one of the available select few stud closers.
  • Possible candidates include Jonathan Papelbon, J.J. Putz, Francisco Rodriguez, and Joe Nathan.
2. Acquire two or three mediocre closers
  • Players will provide solid saves though at a higher risk of default (dropping out of closer role, injury, etc.)
  • Possible candidates include Matt Capps, Manny Corpas, Kevin Gregg, Brad Lidge, and Huston Street.
3. Constant Vigilance (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Closing role has a lot of changes. If you are one step ahead of the rest of your league, you'll make some very valuable free agent pickups. Keep an eye out for team announcements, watch box scores for new names picking up saves, and take time to read useful posts like this one!
  • Teams with iffy closing situations: Texas (C.J. Wilson, K. Fukomori), Chicago (Wood, Marmol, Howry), and Philadelphia (Brad Lidge, Tom Gordon)
  • You can expect at least one-third of teams to have substantial shifts in closing designations this year. If you can take advantage of this, use this expected increase in future saves to allow for more flexibility in your draft—stock up in other important positions like starting pitching.

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