The 10 Hottest WAGs of the 2012 NFL Playoffs

Steven YangCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2012

The 10 Hottest WAGs of the 2012 NFL Playoffs

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    After hours of research, the hottest WAGs still left in the NFL playoffs have been accounted for.  These beautiful ladies have had careers in modeling, entertainment and some are even just childhood friends of the players. 

    Either way, the background of each woman to her NFL counterpart is probably not of the highest concern. 

    Here is a look at some of the hottest WAGs still left in the NFL playoffs.

Anna Burns

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    Anna Burns is the girlfriend of New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker.  She was winner of the 2005 Hooters International competition.

Gisele Bundchen

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    Gisele Bundchen is the wife of quarterback Tom Brady.

    She is most known for her modeling with Victoria's Secret.  It is said that she could be the world's first billionaire supermodel.  

    Her fame and good looks landed her in some film appearances as well.

Abby McGrew

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    If you could not tell from the photo, Abby McGrew's husband is none other than New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning.  

    It is said that they met at the University of Mississippi.

Destiny Newton

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    Destiny Newton is girlfriend of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.  

    The story between these two looks like it could be made into a Disney movie.  They were both born in the same county and are only three years apart.  They are childhood friends and have secretly been dating for the past year or so.

Lacey Minchew

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    Lacey Minchew is girlfriend of backup Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn.  

    She used to be a cheerleader and currently models.  Minchew was the 2009 Miss Louisiana.

Jessica Burciaga

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    Lance Moore of the New Orleans Saints has been linked with Jessica Burciaga.

    Burciaga has also been linked to many different athletes, which leads the public to believe this is nothing too serious.  

Jessie James

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    Jessie James is the girlfriend of Denver Broncos wide reciever Eric Decker.  

    An up-and-coming country artist, she looks to have a bright future with her music career. Hopefully the Broncos can match that with their play on the field. 

Laurie Schaub

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    Laurie Schaub was a cheerleader for Auburn University and the Atlanta Falcons.  She met husband Matt Schaub at a charity golf event that Matt's teammate was hosting.

Brittany Brees

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    As the name suggests, Brittany Brees is married to Super Bowl MVP quarterback Drew Brees.  There is nothing too special in how they met: They met in college while both attending Purdue University.  

Elizabeth Smith

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    Elizabeth is the wife of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.  

    The irony is that she used to be a cheerleader for their Bay Area rival Oakland Raiders.