Kansas City Royals: The Best and Worst Moves of the Dayton Moore Era

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IJanuary 13, 2012

Kansas City Royals: The Best and Worst Moves of the Dayton Moore Era

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    In his five-plus seasons as the Royals' general manager, Dayton Moore has made some good moves and some not-so-good moves.

    He's done everything from signing Jose Guillen to a big contract to selecting All-Star closer Joakim Soria in the Rule 5 Draft.

    Here are the best and worst moves of the Dayton Moore era in Kansas City.

Good Move: Selecting Joakim Sora in the '06 Rule 5 Draft

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    This was the first great move made by Dayton Moore.

    The Royals got lucky back in 2006 when they selected Mexican closer Joakim Soria in the Rule 5 Draft.

    Soria, who once threw a perfect game as a starter in the Mexican League several years ago, had all kinds of talent that only KC seemed to know.

    In his five seasons as the Royals' closer, he has made two All-Star teams, while compiling an ERA of 2.40 and converting 160 of his 180 save opportunities.

Bad Move: Signing Jose Guillen to a Three-Year Deal

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    Many would argue that this was the worst move of the Dayton Moore era in Kansas City so far.

    In the '07 offseason, Moore decided to sign journeyman outfielder Jose Guillen to a three year, $36 million deal.

    After a solid first season with the Royals, Guillen completely flopped in years two and three, which eventually led to his departure from the organization in mid 2010.

    As if his performance on the field wasn't bad enough over his past two seasons in KC, he also went on frequent tirades in the locker room and even went after a fan who was heckling him during a home game one night.

Good Move: Drafting Eric Hosmer in '08

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    This move could easily turn to be the best one that Moore has ever done for the Royals.

    Eric Hosmer was a can't-miss prospect out of Florida, and KC selected him with their first-round pick back in the 2008 MLB Draft.

    In just three years, Hosmer has already played a season in the majors and finished third overall in the AL ROY voting for 2011.

    He's arguably the most talented prospect to come from the Royals system in years, and he will likely win many more awards before his career in Kansas City comes to a close.

Bad Move: Hiring Trey Hillman as Manager

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    At the time, this looked like a good move by Moore and the Royals organization.

    However, it turned out to be a complete disaster in the end.

    Hillman was coming off of a successful managerial career in the Japanese league when he was hired by KC in 2007, but it just never worked out for him in Kansas City.

    He was fired after just two-plus seasons at the helm, and current manager Ned Yost was immediately brought in to take over for him.

Good Move: Signing Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francoeur Last Offseason

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    While many thought that this was a bad move at the time, it turned out well for the Royals.

    Cabrera and Francoeur were both talented outfielders that hadn't yet reached their potential in the big leagues.

    Moore decided to snatch both of them up last offseason, and it really has paid dividends for Kansas City.

    Because of their performances last season, the Royals were able to net former Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez in a trade, and they also have a solid right-fielder locked up for the next two seasons.

Bad Move: Trading Juan Oviedo to the Marlins for Mike Jacobs

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    This move still has many Royals fans scratching their heads, more than three years after the trade.

    Mike Jacobs was an up-and-coming first baseman who had power, which was something that KC lacked at the time.

    They decided to ship Leo Nunez, AKA Juan Oviedo, to the Marlins for Jacobs, but ended up getting the raw end of the deal in this trade.

    The limited Jacobs played just one season in Kansas City, while Oviedo has turned into a solid closer in his time with the Marlins.

Undetermined: Trading Zack Greinke to the Brewers for 4 Prospects

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    Zack Greinke was the face of the Royals organization just a few years ago.

    Now he is a member of the Milwaukee Brewers after being traded by KC in the '10 offseason.

    Even though Kansas City got rid of a former Cy Young Award winner and their ace, they were able to get a decent return from the trade by netting prospects Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jake Odorizzi and Jeremy Jeffress.

    The jury is still out on this trade, but it's looking more and more like Dayton Moore and the Royals got the better end of the deal with each passing day.

Undetermined: Drafting Luke Hochevar in '06

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    Some might say that this should already be chalked up as a bad move by Dayton Moore and Co, even though it was his first draft pick as a part of the team and he likely didn't have all of his own scouts in place yet.

    However, I still think it's too early to tell at this point.

    Although Luke Hochevar hasn't been a true ace for the Royals' starting rotation to this point, he has shown some signs of life in the past two seasons.

    I would have to give him at least one or two more seasons before I come to a conclusion about selecting Hochevar in the first round of the 2006 MLB Draft.