WWE News: The Latest on Randy Savage and the WWE Hall of Fame

David RutterCorrespondent IIIJanuary 12, 2012

With the first two inductees (Edge and The Four Horsemen) being announced for this year's class of the WWE Hall of Fame, many fans have been hoping that "Macho Man" Randy Savage would finally get the honor.

However, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, this year doesn't seem very likely.

"Lanny Poffo was on the new podcast hosted by Steve Wilton, who is the webmaster for a number of wrestler's websites, including Poffo's. 

When the topic of Lanny's brother, Randy Savage being inducted this year into the WWE Hall of Fame, Poffo noted that he didn't hear from WWE when Savage passed away and has not heard from them regarding a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction for the former WWF champion."

Personally, I believe that Randy should have been inducted years ago. With him no longer being with us, I don't even see the point of him being inducted if he can't accept it himself. 

I think it could be argued that he is more deserving at this point in time of being inducted than say Edge, Edge no doubt has earned his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, but he's only being retired for eight months. I understand that this isn't an official hall of fame compared to others and Vince makes the ultimate choice as to who goes in and who doesn't and this is basically a money making operation to him, but how is Koko B. Ware, Drew Carey and Tony Atlas in while people like Randy Savage are excluded year after year? 

Although Vince and Randy had a massive falling out years ago, how can Vince not justify putting him in the hall of fame? Even if the hall of fame was based on who Vince can make money on, I guarantee Vince would make a fortune off of Randy Savage's name and likeness. He is still one of the most beloved and popular wrestlers.

Besides, lets not forget, Randy gave his permission for the video games WWE All Stars and he even cut a promo and he's going to be a downloadable character for WWE 12. So how can all of that happen in just the last year and then he unfortunately dies and Vince possibly isn't going to honor him

What do you guys think?

Should he be inducted this year?

Should it wait until he is the "Main Attraction?"

Is it even worth inducting him that he's no longer with us?