Top 10 List: Why My Wife Hates Sports

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

  1. Even if football, basketball or baseball is not on, she is convinced I will watch any sport to get out of cleaning the house. She swears I made her watch curling one day.
  2. I ignore her when they are on.
  3. I can sit in my underwear all day long and eat nothing but chips while watching them.
  4. Even though SportsCenter shows the same show all day, she says I will watch every episode.
  5. She doesn't care what the hell Brett Favre is doing.
  6. It's an obsession.
  7. Because you can only Google Bleacher Report so many times a day.
  8. I insist on getting her interested in all aspects of sports, and she couldn't care less.
  9. She's convinced I will harass our children into playing sports, even if they have no interest.
  10. She wants me to leave her alone about this article so she can watch Ace of Cakes!!


Jeez, and she say's I'm obsessed.  My boys will probably become bakers. 

OH NO!!!!!!!!