WWE News: Former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page Explains His Exit

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJanuary 12, 2012

Former WWE Superstar and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page—in an interview with the British News site The Sun—talks about the main reason and the storyline that made him leave the WWE.

The storyline in question was one where Page was a stalker that had an infatuation with The Undertaker's then-wife Sara. Wrestling fans absolutely hated it, and it was one of the worst storylines the WWE ever created. Page drifted in the mid-card after the storyline ended, and retired shortly thereafter.

He spoke about the storyline and the other reasons why he decided to leave the WWE:

I thought, coming in, that the stalker angle was going to be awesome. When people ask me about that I say, 'Hey, I made the decision, I have to live with it'.

It's amazing to me how many people it bothered. They knew that I was a top guy and they didn't use me correctly, but I agreed to it originally and that was a mistake. Vince and Shane McMahon told me coming in that they had this great idea and I was going to be working with their No. 1 babyface.

I didn't really like it because it was about me stalking someone else's wife.

I would look across the table at Kim [DDP's beautiful ex-wife] and nobody could compare. It was ridiculous, it took out the believability factor.

There are some people who loved that angle with me and Taker, which I don't understand. It was definitely not the highlight of my career by any stretch of the imagination.

The main reason I jumped when I did was because I was six months away from turning 46. How much longer could I really do this at the level that I did it? There was only so long I could run at that pace.

I get fans telling me they were upset with how WWE treated me but I say, 'Dude, let it go!' I already achieved everything I ever dreamed of.

Page has achieved success with his DDP Yoga, which targets the average guy. He has secured a deal with Warner Brothers to release a series of Yoga DVDs (via WWE Insider).

He commented on the success of his venture DDP Yoga and about Vince McMahon:

If you knew the deal I cut with Warner Brothers to get DDPYoga back, owning it, and branching it out, it would blow your mind.

But I'm only smart enough to cut that deal because I dropped the ball with WWE when I came in.

I dropped it, I don't blame Vince. I've got a lot of respect for Vince and everything he has done for the business.

There are so many guys that have negative, bad feelings after they retire. You've heard them. I'm not living that as I lived a dream on so many different levels."

Diamond Dallas Page had a very successful career in pro wrestling.  While in Ted Turner's World Championship Wrestling, he started off as a manager in the early 1990's.  He managed The Fabulous Freebirds and brought them to tag team championship gold.  He also created the "Diamond Mine" stable, where he had such stars as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, formerly The Diamond Studd and Vinnie Vegas in it's ranks.

Page then moved to became a full fledged wrestler in 1994, where he slowly climbed the championship ranks.  Starting out in the WCW World Television Championship scene, then had become a multiple time WCW United States Champion.  Page became a massive fan favourite, and was propelled into World Championship contention.  He captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on three separate occasions.

When he arrived in the WWE in 2001 however, he did not achieve the same success.  He captured the WWE European Championship and won the WWE World Tag Team Championship with Chris Kanyon.  But for the most of his stint in the WWE he loomed in the mid-card before eventually retiring.  Diamond Dallas Page could have reached the very top of the WWE, if not for the sub-par Undertaker / Stalker storyline.  It was horribly written and extremely chiche, and it was an insult for a superstar like Page to be involved in it.

Diamond Dallas Page was an extremely talented wrestler, with tremendous mic skills, and a solid work ethic in the ring.  The WWE really dropped the ball when he came to the company.  Bottom line Page was underutilized and under-appreciated, and simply was not given the chance to really showcase his talents.  If the concept of a time-machine ever becomes a reality, then the WWE should use it to right this wrong, and make Diamond Dallas Page the top superstar that he deserved to be.